We Have The BS Excuse. *Hint* It Wasn’t Worth The Wait.

MANCHESTER, NH - FEBRUARY 8: Donald Trump speaks to supporters during a rally ahead of the New Hampshire Primary at the Manchester Verizon Center in Manchester, New Hampshire on February 8, 2016. Credit: Dennis Van Tine/MediaPunch/IPX

The wait is over. After a full Sunday morning notable for the complete radio silence from Trump surrogates regarding the piddly ass crowd at his rally last night, they finally trotted out an excuse. But the method of delivery tells me that they’re not necessarily married to the idea.

Their method of delivery was also rather odd. They trotted out Old Faithful, genteel Trump buffoon Hugh Hewitt to spread the gospel. This was odd, since Hewitt isn’t a frequent Trump surrogate, but even more questionable was the venue, he appeared on Politics Nation with Al Sharpton at about 5:40 PM after passing on all of the more watched morning shows.

It started about as expected. Sharpton led Hewitt through the scenario, and asked how come the showing was so miserly. Hewitt went to work. Starting with that smarmy, condescending attitude that cost him his MSNBC show a couple of years back, Hewitt sneered out that while Biden was still bunkered down in his basement, at least Trump was out talking to the American people. When pressed on the crowd size, Hewitt said he personally felt that the coronavirus was the major factor.

But then came the shock announcement. According to Hewitt, The rally was actually wildly successful, due to the fact that more than 4 million people watched it live online! Dear Lord and little fishes. 3 1/2 years after the inauguration and we’re reduced to Sean Spicer reruns? Little wonder they sent out the two bit Hewitt instead of risking a better quality surrogate to withering cross examination.

This is not going to work. In one 10 minute segment, Hugh Hewitt became one of Joe Biden’s most effective surrogates. In admitting that he personally felt that the coronavirus was the critical issue that kept people away, he allowed Michelle Goldberg to roast him on a spit. She almost gleefully asked Hewitt why, if the virus was such an inhibiting factor on attendance, was Trump not only asking his own voters to take their lives in their hands to see the rally, but forcing them to sign a waiver that if they did get sick, don’t come crying to him? Hewitt stumbled around like Trump trying to go down a ramp until Sharpton finally took mercy on him and ended the segment.

The bullshit excuse about 4 million watching live online doesn’t help matters either. Mainly because, even if there were that many people who tuned in, if the post rally interviews with supporters was anything to go by, they went away seriously fucking bummed. Many supporters told reporters that they thought that Trump was listless, lethargic, and disinterested. This would come across even more clearly on screen, where the camera can center on the candidate better and closer. But more importantly, I’m a grizzled veteran of Trump rallies, as well as other live events with crowds of varying sizes. Don’t let anybody tell you that 7200 people in a 20000 seat auditorium will sound like 20000 people in a 20000 seat auditorium. That empty space sucks out all of the volume and resonance, and leaves behind a kind of echo.

So there you have it, the rally was the most successful rally in the history of the world. Period! If I were you, I wouldn’t get too fond of this one. The message, as well as the messenger and method of delivery, tell me that while the campaign would love it if this hogwash took root, they’re nowhere near ready to buy a ring and call the preacher. Besides, there’s still all those protesters who were outnumbered by Trump supporters 10-1, and that pesky coronavirus that none of them believe in. They’ll come up with something sooner or later.

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It kinda proves that although the MAGA hats will peddle Trumps Tihsllub the are absolutely not prepared to die on a hill for him

Lon LeVine
Lon LeVine

I was one of the people watching, only to see what kind if idiocy he would spout. 20 minutes of whining why he couldn’t lift a glass of water to his mouth or walk down a ramp? He is a (barely) walking joke