We can’t look away from Trump advisor Stephen Miller’s newfound ‘hair’ (and neither can Twitter)

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Male pattern baldness is something millions of men struggle with as they age. It’s natural, it happens. While some just go with it and embrace it, others find new ways to cover the loss of hair: baseball hats, implants, hair growth supplements, whatever is happening on Donald Trump’s head and in the case of Donald Trump’s senior racism advisor, Stephen Miller, spray paint.

Appearing on CBS’s Sunday morning talk show, Face the Nation, Miller debuted a new look and let’s just say whatever racist drivel he was shoveling was completely drowned out by the chatter of whatever was happening on his head.

Exhibit A:

As you might imagine, the reaction has been, well, not great for Stephen Miller. For the rest of us, the reaction has been a barrel of laughs. Let’s get to it!

We all have a lot of questions. Apparently, he got the message because White House correspondent Katie Rogers provided an interesting update this morning:



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Akin to putting lipstick on a pig??


His make up job was just as bad as his FAKE HAIR