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Well, with this election of Joe Biden a Democrat and also Barack Obama’s Vice President is finally to start getting intelligence briefings. So far the White House has blocked any cooperation with the new President. President Trump has made all sorts of wild allegations that there’s widespread voter fraud. He has instructed his personal attorney, Attorney General Bill Barr to investigate these charges. So far they have found nothing. All the while, the longest-serving Republican Senator, Chuck Grassley says he believes that Joe Biden should have access to the briefings. And coincidentally, Grassley chairs one of the committees that are investigating Hunter Biden. Also, we have the chair of the other committee also investigating Hunter Biden, and a staunch ally of the President, Lindsey Graham saying we should recognize Joe Biden as the President-elect. We should note here that no evidence has been found linking Joe Biden to his son’s business dealings in Ukraine or elsewhere overseas. And we have Nancy Pelosi saying they need to get to work on the virus and another stimulus plan. People are dying while republicans are clowning around.

There is a purported wall of silence that has been built around the White House so as to not upset the President. That is being done because the Republicans still want to curry favor with President Trump so that he will support the two republicans in the Georgia runoff Senate race. What a lot of people are saying in Congress and in the media is that they need to quit playing games and get to work.  New cases of the virus topped 143,000 a day this week. And presently there’s no end in sight.

As for the election, there was a postal worker that had said he witnessed voter fraud first hand until investigators found a go fund me account in his name with over a hundred thirty thousand dollars in it from republican donors. That kinda shot his credibility in the foot. Nothing new for the republicans. I still can’t figure out how they can say the Hunter Biden laptop is a creditable piece of evidence when it wasn’t even made when the information was allegedly put on it. But that’s another story.

Adding to this nonsense of Trump continuing his Presidency there was a press conference with Mike Pompeo where he said there would be a smooth transition to a Trump second term. He slightly embellished his statements at the time. He has since recanted that statement and said he was joking. As a leader in our government, it would be helpful if our officials would lay off the moronic comedy. When you speak for the administration your statements carry weight. What we need is leadership. We have plenty of people that are actually performers and actors to take care of the entertainment.

Now we have this group of republicans that thought they might subvert the election
through the electoral college. They got the bright idea they could cancel the vote in key states and have the states legislators appoint republicans to go to the electoral college. As usual, the rocket scientists that make up the republicans advocates didn’t think that the key states they would need had Democrats as Governors. You should know by now that to be a republican requires a lobotomy. But hey you got to give them an A for trying. The states should get their votes counted soon as many of Trumps’ lawsuits are falling apart. Then they will move on to the electoral college to finalize the vote. They meet on December 14th. to deliver their findings.

A lot of this crap would be solved if the electoral college was abolished. It’s an outdated system that has served its purpose and should be retired. All other elections are achieved without the use of this antiquated system. Since 2000, two Republicans have lost the popular vote but made it by winning the electoral college. It all seems kind of dumb that a nation with three hundred thirty million people in it has to rely on 538 people that are subject to bribes and or intimidation or just plain prejudice.

We can do better in my humble opinion.

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  1. For those who saw the vid of Pompeo talking about a smooth transition to a second Trump Administration, it didn’t look like he was joking but he was, however, smug and arrogant. This is the Secretary of State denying the results of a free, fair election. That’s Trump’s line too when he gets called on some ridiculous false statement. These people are NOT JOKING.

    • I stayed up late last night but either last night or this morning I seen some Senator I believe but definitely republican complaining about all the changes the democrats want to make. The top of the list is the electoral college. Good idea for us since republicans stole two elections with it. Second Bush and trump lost the popular vote by a margin that would have put the Democrats in the White House. And I remember that it was an interview of the Georgia Republican Perdue on Fox.

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