We Are Not Throwing Away Our Shot: HAMILTON EDITION: Saturday’s Good News

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2020 is our shot.  There are so many debates going on all around us about candidates and impeachment and strategies but NOTHING MATTERS BUT 2020.  Nothing. We will march and donate and bleed for whomever our candidates are because this is our one shot. The fate of our country and planet are at stake here.

This is not a time to luxuriate in self-righteousness and ideological purity.  This is also not a time to let cynicism take hold.  Sure. We could all give up and give in to the darkness.  But that is no solution. Dying is easy, young man. Living is harder.

This is a time to live.  This is a time for action.  There is no choice.  There is no planet B and there is no America B.  We win in 2020 or we face even worse odds and a diminished America.  It is that serious.

History has its eyes on us.

Will this be easy?  No.  Idiot though the president is, he is surrounded by people willing to cover for him, lie for him, and protect him.  The Russians will interfere.  The Republicans will suppress voted. Fox News will lie and the media will play false equivalency games.  The supreme court will not do the right thing, again and again.  All of that will suck.

But we will fight.  We will register voters.  We will knock on doors.  We will talk to our families and friends about our candidate. We will donate.  We will drive people to the polls.  We will fight.

And if we take one lesson from 2018 it is that we win when we fight. We won the house DESPITE the gerrymandering.  We won the house despite Fox News.  We won.

And if we take one lesson from 2016 it is that when we are divided we lose.  When we are overconfident and we don’t work hard enough and we let our small differences divide us we lose.  And America loses.  And democracy loses.

Things were not easy for our founding fathers.  Making a nation without a king did not comes easily.  There were setbacks and losses and internal battles.  But we won that fight. A ragtag volunteer army in need of a shower defeated a global superpower because they didn’t give up.  They won because they refused to lose.

And we are going to win this one.

Our movement is young, scrappy and hungry and we are not throwing away our shot.

When your people say they hate you don’t come crawling back to me

Fox journalists, bristling at being branded an arm of the Trump White House, are lobbying Fox News C.E.O. Suzanne Scott and president Jay Wallace to rein in Fox & Friends, Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, and Jeanine Pirro. “Reporters are telling management that we’re being defined by the worst people on our air,” a frustrated senior Fox staffer told me last month. News staffers are feeling emboldened to go after Trump in increasingly visible ways.

While Fox’s prime-time shows generate the lion’s share of the network’s ratings and ad revenues, there have been increasing issues with lost advertising. Many blue-chip companies don’t want to buy time on those shows because of the divisive pro-Trump content. “Executives are very worried Fox & Friends will be next. If advertisers start bailing on them, they’re screwed,” an insider said.

Iowa lawmaker cites disapproval with Donald Trump as reason he’s leaving Republican Party

The longest-serving Republican in the Iowa Legislature said he’s leaving the party, in part because of his disapproval with President Donald Trump.

Rep. Andy McKean, who represents Anamosa in the state House of Representatives, announced Tuesday that he plans to register as a Democrat and vote with the minority caucus.

Hannity pondering bailing on Fox News because he no longer feels the network is loyal to Trump: report

Vanity Fair analysis behind the scenes of Fox News reveals an interesting new piece of information: longtime Fox megastar conservative commentator Sean Hannity has told friends that he plans to leave the network after his current contract expires in 2021.

Oh Nothing, Just The FOX NEWS JUDGE Calling Trump A F*cking Criminal

Fox News judge Andrew Napolitano is kind of a batshit crazy person who occasionally startles youby being incredibly correct about something. But it’s happening with a frequency nowadays that we’re wondering if he’s actually been sending his Stopped Clock Right Twice A Day off for repairs at a certified clock shop, perhaps so much that he might be right … like four times a day!

What. Is. Happening.

Napolitano published an op-ed — Napolitano the Fox News judge — yes the one with the hair — and he published it ON THE FOX NEWS WEBSITE

Not only is Napolitano arguing that Trump committed obstruction of justice, he calls Trump’s behavior “criminal” and “immoral” and OH MY GOD, DID HILLARY CLINTON AND ADAM SCHIFF KIDNAP ANDREW NAPOLITANO AND PLACE HIM IN THE BASEMENT OF A PIZZERIA AND ARE NOW PUBLISHING OP-EDS UNDER HIS NAME? Blink twice if you need our assistance, Judge!

Milo Yiannopoulos C*ckblocked In  Oklahoma 🙁

Poor sad Milo Yiannopoulos. Having fallen from what passes for the heights of alt-right glory, he’s now reduced to begging people to please show up and be offended by him, like in that old Onion story about Marilyn Manson going door to door hoping to shock people. And even that grift isn’t working so great for Yiannopoulos, it turns out, since he’s been left in the lurch by the sponsors of a talk at a community college in Tulsa, Oklahoma

NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Says He Is Being Extorted, Pressured to Resign

Longtime National Rifle Association leader Wayne LaPierre has told the group’s board he is being extorted and pressured to resign by the organization’s president, Oliver North, over allegations of financial improprieties, in an extraordinary battle roiling one of the nation’s most powerful nonprofit political groups.

Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now

FBI Arrests New Mexico Border Militia Leader Larry Mitchell Hopkins

The FBI arrested a 69-year-old New Mexico man who allegedly illegally detained immigrants crossing the border under the guise of working for the United States Border Patrol.

Five Year Window

Rachel Maddow hones in on Volume II of the Mueller report the day after its release and shows why it could serve as a roadmap to prosecution after Trump leaves office.

Connolly threatens to jail Trump officials who won’t comply with subpoenas

A Democratic lawmaker on Thursday ratcheted up warnings to the Trump administration amid a growing standoff over subpoenas and oversight requests the White House says it will resist.

Rep. Gerry Connolly threatened jail time for White House officials who are declining to comply with congressional committees’ efforts to conduct oversight of President Donald Trump’s administration. It’s the latest salvo in the escalating battle between the White House and congressional Democrats, who have scaled up their oversight requests following the conclusion of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Why Trump’s tweets about Don McGahn and the Mueller report could backfire

on Thursday morning, Trump tried to refute on Twitter one of the report’s most damaging revelations — that he tried to get then-White House counsel Don McGahn to order Mueller’s firing via Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein just a month after Mueller was appointed. (McGahn refused.) But in the process, Trump gave House Democrats yet another reason to bring McGahn in for a congressional hearing.

Over the course of two tweets, Trump pushed back on McGahn’s testimony to Mueller that Trump asked him to get the Department of Justice to fire Mueller, and worked in a gratuitous shot at the media in the process.

Trump’s tweets about McGahn give House Democrats yet another reason to bring the former White House counsel in for a hearing in hopes of getting to the bottom of the president’s attempts to obstruct the Mueller investigation. The House Judiciary Committee has already subpoenaed McGahn to testify next month and turn over documents.

Kansas Supreme Court Has Great Decision

The Supreme Court of Kansas just struck down a new restrictive Kansas abortion law based not on the federal guidelines of  Roe v. Wade, but based on the plain common law  language of the Kansas Constitution, Article 1, Bill of Rights:

“The court said vague language protecting “equal and inalienable rights” in the first section of the Kansas Constitution’s Bill of Rights grants a “natural right of personal autonomy” that includes the right to “control one’s own body.” Because that right is independent of the U.S. Constitution, Kansas courts could strike down restrictions that have been upheld by the federal courts.

“This right allows a woman to make her own decisions regarding her body, health, family formation, and family life — decisions that can include whether to continue a pregnancy,” the court’s unsigned majority opinion said.

Justices ruled 6-1 on the language in state constitution.”


We’re gonna teach <trump> how to say goodbye 

Trump camp descends on Pennsylvania as alarms grow over 2020

Trump’s campaign is moving to shore up the state after 2018 midterm elections that saw Republicans get blown out in races up and down the ballot. Compounding the situation is a state party organization riven by turmoil and infighting.

Wednesday’s meeting comes after months of bad news for the Pennsylvania GOP. In March 2018, Republicans lost a special election in a conservative southwestern Pennsylvania congressional district. In November, Republicans lost Senate and gubernatorial races by double digits as well as three House seats, partly because of a redrawn congressional map that favored Democrats.

Democrats also flipped 16 state legislative seats in the midterms.

The bleeding hasn’t stopped since then. In a special election this month, Democrats won a state Senate seat in a district that Trump carried in 2016. Nationally, it was the first such legislative seat that Democrats flipped this year, prompting grumbling among some Republicans that the state party did not invest enough in turning out voters.

A power struggle, meanwhile, has consumed state GOP leadership

That is it for today, my wonderful friends.  Let’s raise a glass to freedom — Something they can never take away.

So lucky and so very proud to be in this with all of you ❤️ ✊ ❤️ 

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James Simcoe
James Simcoe

Yeah….look back at Lincoln; ‘It falls to this generation…’ ‘We cannot escape this moment…’ The fiery trial we pass through….’ ‘A house divided….’ We see the signs of this latest effort to divorce the republic from its largest and best foundation, fracturing from within. But we have to continue in our effort to cast a wide enough net to bring the pieces back into a more perfect union.