I’ve read several comments to posts on social media from folks who say we (in the Commonwealth of Virginia) are stuck with Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) for four years. Well, maybe we are stuck with him for four years, but we are not stuck with his policies and agenda.

Remember, Virginia has elections every year. EVERY YEAR. This year, 2022, the first year of Governor Youngkin’s four-year term, we hold the majority in the Senate chamber. And a damn good job they are doing in committees killing the GOP’s attempts to roll back all the progress Democrats made in the last few years when we held the trifecta.

While Democrats are killing destructive GOP bills in the General Assembly, the Governor’s team thought it a good strategy to attack a 17-year-old high school student on social media. See the article, Youngkin campaign attacks high school student on Twitter. I think they see the writing on the wall already: a GOP win this year and next is not guaranteed.

To defeat the GOP and turn being “stuck with” Governor Youngkin for four years into a win for the people, we have to pull ourselves up out of the mud and do the work to register voters, get candidates to run for office up and down the ballot, get voters to the polls for primary and general elections, and counter the Governor’s and the GOP’s negative missteps with the positive and opposite messaging. EVERY TIME. EVERY YEAR. NON-STOP.

The only way to turn Governor Youngkin’s four-year term into a lame duck term is to elect a 2/3 Democratic majority in the House and Senate to ensure we pass equality and justice legislation and can kill his vetoes. We can do this. Challenge every GOP on the ticket. Do the work.

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