We are in deep trouble as long as 35% to 45% of the country remains committed to idiocy

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I clicked on the Super Bowl halftime interview (seen below) of former President Obama by Bill O’Reilly because I remembered that it got some notice at the time for how often O’Reilly interrupted and talked over Pres. Obama.  But watching it is also both a time capsule and a time machine.  Particularly after the Republican silence regarding Trump’s malfeasance, it reminds you of just how stupid and obsessed with distraction Republicans will be during a Biden presidency.
The interview is 9 minutes long and covered 7 basic topics:
1.    When did you secretly know that the ACA website was a disaster?
2.    Why haven’t you done the right thing for taxpayers and fired Kathleen Sibelius?
3.    Was it the biggest mistake of your presidency when you said “if you like your policy, you can keep it?”
4.    Why did you and your campaign cover up that Benghazi was an act of terrorism?
5.    But Susan Rice lied to the country.
6.    Were you coordinating with the IRS commissioner to target conservative groups?
7.    Reads a letter from a citizen:  “Why do you feel it is necessary to fundamentally transform a country that gave you so much opportunity and success?”
That was the whole interview.  For any sane observer, Obama patiently swats down every dumb meme — which is why O’Reilly keeps talking over him.
But this is also the future.  Sort of like with the manic opposition to face masks, you have 1 of 2 political parties obsessively committed to an imaginary world of petty grievances and distraction.  We are not going anywhere as long as these morons remain 34% to 45% of the country.  But I do know that the first necessary step to breaking this confederacy of dunces is to deliver a sweeping electoral blow in 2020.  It would not be enough by itself, but it is a crucial and important first step.
You can watch the full interview below (and remember the time when we had a committed, competent and classy President):

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2 Comments on "We are in deep trouble as long as 35% to 45% of the country remains committed to idiocy"

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He was a greatand still is great president
Nottrump he is nothing.a jack ass.

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

Obama , and his family, did us and the world
proud , by being a reasonable president.
And not being a fool , by speaking about things
he knew nothing about .
Trump has been giving medical advice to his
base ?
A fool for President, is what he is !