Wazzup With The Democratic Primary Field?


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Well, I guess we all should have seen it coming. The only thing better than having a Democratic primary ballot that looks like the Cleveland white pages is having one that looks like the Los Angeles white pages. The Democratic field wouldn’t be complete without a managing partner of Mitt Romney’s vulture capitalist mob, and who better to replace an arrogant, know-it-all New York pseudo billionaire, than an arrogant, know-it-all New York actual billionaire? The only thing that’s missing is the guy who walks behind the circus elephants with a broom and a shovel.

I know that it seems strange that considering the fact that we started with a field of 25 candidates running around like kindergartners in a sandbox, that we’re still getting hats thrown into the ring at this point. I mean, fashionably late is one thing, but this is just ridiculous! But believe it or not, there actually is a reason, at least partially grounded in reality for these late arrivals to the concert, and I think I know what it is.

In the weeks immediately following the 2018 midterm elections, Democratic  Presidential exploratory committees started popping up all over like dandelions in April. Formal announcements started dribbling in shortly afterwards, and just after New Years, candidates started pestering the denizens of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, before they even had their Christmas trees at the bottom of the driveways. Some of the candidates have damn near set up transient residency in some of those places.

As we have edged within the 90 day mark to the first of the early caucus and primary states, state specific polling has begun to come in more frequently, and it’s largely what you would expect. The field has broken down into tiers, and the polling is all over the map, with a new leader every week, and often several candidates within the margin of error. All of this is normal, and to be expected, but when I look at the polling, there is one thing that sticks out to me as being highly unusual.

In both Iowa, as well as New Hampshire, while most primary voters have latched on to a preferred candidate, well over 60% of primary voters in both states have indicated that they could likely change their minds before they actually cast a ballot. To me, this is highly unusual, simply because these poor people have been inundated by unwarranted intrusions from these candidates for something like 10 months now. Many prospective voters likely have candidate staff members on speed dial for any questions they may have. They have campaign rhetoric dribbling out of their ear holes.

You’re all voters, you tell me. How do you pick a candidate? For most people, there’s a natural culling out process. There are some that you just don’t like personally, or policy wise, and they fall by the wayside quickly. The you start listening to the others. Maybe you go to their website, and check out their positions and policies, maybe you go to a rally or two, quite possibly for more than one candidate, and through the process of elimination you make your decision. Pretty straightforward.

But ask yourself my dear friends, exactly what finalizes your decision in picking a candidate? After all, when you pay attention, as I’m sure that most of you do, although there may be major differences on a single issue, most candidates have similar policies on most issues. But in most cases, there’s one particular thing that makes you gravitate to a particular candidate. Maybe it’s one major policy you’re passionate about, maybe it’s something in their professional or personal history, maybe it’s a particular cause that they champion. But there;s normally one defining characteristic that makes up your mind.

And that’s what’s missing from the equation this time. Even after 10 months of having these ballot mice screwing up the traffic, and tying up their favorite weekend relaxing spots, after all of the speeches and TV ads, almost 2/3 of the primary voters in Iowa and New Hampshire are ready to change their minds before they cast their ballots. After all of that time and effort, none of these candidates are making that singular connection that locks in the support of the voters!

And that’s the reason why these last minute party crashers are showing up at our door. The way they see it, the rest of these jokers have had the field to themselves for ten long months now, and none of them have been able to close the sale. Who knows? Maybe one of them will have the magic message that will resonate with these voters, and garner their undying devotion. After all, if the message is original, it will be listened to, if for mo other reason than because it’s different from the standard pap that these people can practically recite in their slppe.

Now, personally, I give Deval Patrick and Mike Bloomberg exactly the same chance that James Inhoff gave to that snowball that he dragged onto the floor of the Senate a few years ago. But I do find this positive news for the Democrats chances in 2020, and here’s why. In addition to being subject to changing their minds at the last minute, there is another thing that comes through loud and clear in polling. And that is that while a vast majority of voters haven;t “found the magic” with a single candidate yet, they are unified in their primary criteria. And that primary, overriding factor is that the candidate must be able to send The Cheeto Prophet permanently back to Mar-A-Lago.

And the fact that the vast majority of voters have not yet bought a ring, said a vow, taken a honeymoon, and set up housekeeping with one candidate means that they will be much more likely to rally around whichever candidate finally escapes the primary mosh pit with the least amount of mud dripping off of them. And when you come right down to it, that’s really the only thing that matters, isn’t it? Don’t touch that dial.

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David Bishop
David Bishop

Yup, not one of them inspire me, but I’d vote for any one of them in order to defeat the russian agent who currently has the job.