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Sweet Jesus, this is getting just ridiculous. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the NRA’s most favoritest excuse in the world for opposing federal gun laws i that it should be up to the states themselves to regulate their own gun laws?

KO, then why is the NRA suddenly suing the state of Florida over their new gun laws, before the ink has even had a chance to dry? According to CNN.com  reporting, they have already filed the suit, and the reasoning is a thing of beauty to behold. If that it, the smell of burnt cordite has fried your cranial circuits;

“This bill punishes law-abiding gun owners for the criminal acts of a deranged individual,” executive director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action Chris W. Cox said. “Securing our schools and protecting the constitutional rights of Americans are not mutually exclusive.”

This is freakin’ ridiculous on the face of it, and I’m sure that somewhere down deep, the Bonnie and Clyde combination of Dana Loesch and Wayne LaPierre know it. Let’s just take a quick look at reality that is not obscured by the odor of frying bacon on AR15 barrels.

The NRA loves to quote the second amendment, providing every citizen the “right to keep and bear arms.” So, how did the new Florida law impinge on this sacred right? Itdidn’t. It didn’t seek to take away one round of ammunition, much less an AR15. All it did was to force teens to wait another three years before they could legally purchase weapons of mass carnage. It didn’t tell anybody that they couldn’t pack heat, only that they had to wait three days to do so. And it outlawed bump stocks, not just sales, but possession. Unfortunately for the NRA, bump stocks do not expel projectiles at 1,000 fps, in other words, they aren’t arms.

Courts have already ruled that individual states can regulate not only the sales, but the possession of certain military grade hardware. Note the number of states that ban the outright sale of assault style weapons. And states are welcome to close all of the “gun show loopholes” they like within their own borders.

This just goes to show that the NRA and Donald Trump are truly soulmates. Both of them are whiny, petulant brats when opposed, and their first line of defense is a lawsuit. Funnily enough, the NRA is actually shooting themselves in the foot with this stunt. The state of Florida has already told the NRA to kiss its ass with this law. When this ridiculous lawsuit fails in court, and it will, it will only go to demonstrate to other states how little retribution the NRA actually carries when the threats have to be followed up by action.

Those kids from Stoneman Douglas are going to make the NRA rue the day they decided to try to steamroll them, and I’m looking forward to the next chapters in this book.

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  1. And I think we older voters need to back these young adults all the way and not just pat them on the back, walk away and never be heard from again. They are fired up and we need to stoke it to keep it going. Most of these young adults will be voters shortly, some already are. NRA beware, all these victims are now activists and will always remember.

    • I agree…The worst thing that anybody, and especially the Democrats can do right now is to try to “assimilate” them…They are having the effect they are mostly because of the fact that they are not burdened with a particular ideology or party tag…They’re doing a great job of organizing and getting their message out as it is, just leave them alone and let them get down to it!!!

  2. I back them 100%…I belonged to the NRA when safety was more important than sales. They are using the 2nd Amendment as a brainwashing tool…fear & intimidation fail in the light of day.


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