Screencapture / MSNBC trump supporters focus group...
Screencapture / MSNBC

If this Pennsylvania focus group of Trump supporters led by Emory University is any indication of what’s happening on a national level, it’s another sign Donald Trump may very well not make it to the end of the year. When his supporters begin to turn, it’s bigly bad news for Donald.

In response to describing Trump with one word, some of the responses include:




“A nut—crazy”

And it goes on. One man called Trump and “an incredibly flawed individual.” In other segments shown throughout MSNBC and NBC, a few of these supporters still have a bit of hope that Trump might turn it around, stop tweeting, get over himself, get something done for the people show a “germ” of decency, compassion  and unification. Alas, some dreams die hard and no one likes to admit they helped bring a lying, hatemongering sociopath into office.

Here is the MSNBC video Hardball segment which lasts a little over nine minutes. To go directly to Trump supporters, fast-forward to the 5:35 time mark. Actually, you may find the whole segment, which covers several issues, well worth the watch. 

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