Watch Trump promise strong action on background checks … in February 2018

According to Donald Trump, Donald Trump has had a change of heart on background checks. Unfortunately, you can’t believe a damn thing Donald Trump says, especially if Donald Trump insists it’s true.

I mean, come on. Trump would let Nancy Pelosi shove Whole Foods organic kale down his rotten gob with a giant hay fork before he ever betrayed the NRA.

And yet we have to listen to him pretend, over and over again, that he’s going to support some sort of gun-control measure. And we have to watch the media report uncritically, over and over again, on what he says on the subject.

You know, like after the Parkland shooting:

Trump may very well give lip service to a gun-control Band-Aid or two … until he gets an urgent call from Wayne LaPierre. And then he’ll fold faster than an origami artist on bath salts.

We all know it. So why can’t the media figure it out?

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Lies, lies, lies.