Watch Trump insist detention centers are humane while video of inhumane conditions runs

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I learn something new every day. Today I learned that Border Patrol agents love “those people” at the border. Never mind that disgusting Facebook group where Border Patrol agents joked about migrants’ deaths.  After all, what you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening. Always remember that.

Your daily dose of Orwell:

And here’s the transcript of Trump’s remarks, straight from (Careful, if you click on that site you’ll see some truly disgusting shit you may never fully recover from. You might want to Google “coprophilia” instead. ***Just kidding!*** You absolutely do not want to Google “coprophilia.” Though, granted, it’s probably a lot less unsettling than Googling “Trump.”)

So they’re touring detention centers. And that was my idea because I read a phony story in the New York Times today — or the other day — about the detention centers, about the conditions. And I had people calling me up at the highest levels from Border Patrol and ICE, almost crying, about that phony story.

And they never saw anything. They have phony sources. They don’t even have sources. They write whatever they want. The New York Times is a very dishonest newspaper. They write what they want.  And what they do is a tremendous disservice to this country. They are truly the enemy of the people, I’ll tell you that. They are the enemy of the people. And what they wrote about detention centers is unfair.

Now, I believe it’s going to be the center they wrote about, but we’re taking a tour. They are — I’d love to be there, but I’m going to Ohio, Wisconsin.

And these people, they — I’ll tell you what, I’ve been with ICE and I’ve been with Border Patrol a lot. They love those people coming across the border. They love them. And I’ve seen it. They love them.



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I hope that the stench stays in Pence and Graham’s nose for months. Who in the F—- invited kiss ass Graham to go along. Just so he could go on Sunday news and say he doesn’t give a shit about them. I really hope his state votes his ass out.

Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

Lord take this stupid SOB.