Filmmakers of the world take note: Donald Trump is taking submissions for the Best Conspiracy Theory Video of 2020 — or so it would seem, if you take a look at his Twitter feed. Yesterday he pinned an Orwellian doozy, showing how people worldwide are massing in demonstrations because they love him so much. Big Brother never had it so good. Now today he has retweeted this masterpiece.

I provided the detail on the retweet just so you could see it was real. This is what Trump wants his 88 million followers to see.

Now here is a tweet that is sad and epitomizes all that is wrong with our country right now.

This is where we are. We stand at a turning point in history. Either this modern world, consisting of a dual narrative and tribalism will stop and some unification will take place, or just like in the parable of the Tower of Babel, when speech became so confused that nobody could communicate with anybody else, work on the tower ceased and the people scattered. “And the Lord Fox News appeared to them and confused their speech…”

We have to be able to agree on basic facts. Only if an opinion is informed is it worth a damn. The travails we have in this country right now are not due to difference of opinion, they are due to basic disagreements about what is real. One “tribe” is reality based and the other tribe is listening to demagoguery fueled by false facts on right-wing media.

While a few media moguls get immensely wealthy from this practice, yes Rupert Murdoch, we’re looking at you, the fabric of our society is going through the shredder. This is where the stand has to take place. If this doesn’t stop now, we could be in terrible straits in one or two generations, when people are born listening to lies, hear their parents talk about the lies growing up and then go out into life believing the lies themselves.

This is madness. And it is already happening. You may recall the case of a young man named Derek Black whose father founded Stormfront and whose mother used to date David Duke. Black was being groomed since childhood to become the next leader of the white nationalist movement. When he got out of the bubble in which he was raised and went to college he began to see things in a different light and eventually began to distance himself from the teachings of childhood. The advantage that Black had is that he was very bright. When he got into an environment where there were different people with different ideas, he had enough intellectual curiosity to explore new ideas and read history and put together an expanded worldview. I tend to think that this is the exception rather than the rule.

“He decided to trust the U.S. government. He started drinking tap water.” Black shrugged off a lot of his indoctrination. But how many millions of members of the Cult of Trump will simply continue to live in unreality and spread it?



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