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It wasn`t difficult for me to sneer at my TV screen as I heard Donald Trump lie as always and claim he`d never demand loyalty.

I mean this guy has no shame. It wasn`t difficult for me to see his lie as I recalled how during the Florida Primary Election, demanded a pledge of loyalty from the masses of deplorables, even demanding that they raise their hands and swear under oath to vote for him in the then coming presidential elections.

When I say he has no shame for being such ass-hat liar every time he speaks or tweets, I just can`t wait to listen to him lie under oath as he promised to testify as this same video will surely be the dirt that covers the ass of his short stay in the White House.…  made me do this. You need to read it to grasp his spoken words in front of the whole world.

I have mostly stayed away from this Trump circus while I read of other shit that goes on around me in the news media and blogs. But this RawStory tells me that i should share it in case you missed it. Here is hoping that Donald Trump keeps his promise – which I really doubt he will, and testify under oath that he never asked F.B.I. former director James Comey for his loyalty.             

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