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Today, Republican Congressman, Trey Gowdy defended a referral by special counsel that led to raids on Trump’s close personal friend and lawyer’s home, office and hotel room last week.

In the interview on “Fox News Sunday”, Chris Wallace asks if Gowdy thinks it would be a serious mistake to fire Mueller, and Gowdy replies: “When a prosecutor comes in contact with information or evidence of a crime, what are you supposed to do, other than refer to the appropriate jurisdiction?”

“I think it’s a disgrace, what’s going on,” he added.

Of course, we all know now that the Idiot-in-Chief has been stomping his feet and threatening that he may fire Rosenstein all week, since Rosenstein would have been the one who signed off on the raids, making President Orange baby look very bad, indeed.

But Gowdy says he does not see any basis for firing the deputy attorney general. “As for Rod Rosenstein, I don’t see a basis for firing him and his handling of this probe….If you’re upset with Rosenstein because he’s slow-walking document production to Congress, take that up with him. But how this is Mueller’s fault just defies logic to me.”

Defies logic to us too, Trey.

Too bad more Republicans that aren’t leaving Congress speak up like this, but at least the FOX viewers got to hear one voice of reason.

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  1. “But how this is Mueller’s fault just defies logic to me.”

    So, can you find anything about the Donnie John administration that does NOT defy logic? Anything? Anyone?


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