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Finland’s President, Sauli Niinistö joined the global community this week, when he had to stand in front of an international press corps and try to not pretend that unpopular American President Donald Trump wasn’t an embarrassment of a world leader. During the press conference, when Trump wasn’t explaining how he hoped for a real ratings victory when he pardoned racist federal criminal Sheriff Joe Arpaio, during the national emergency of Hurricane Harvey, he worked his faux-1980s New York gangster charm by offering up the final choice of choosing a reporter to ask a question to Niinistö. Niinistö chose a Fininish reporter who was sitting next to an American reporter.

Trump: Again? You’re going to give her the same one?

Niinistö: No, she’s not the same lady. They are sitting side by side.

For her part, the reporter’s response was pretty exceptional:

We have a lot of blonde women in Finland.

Being a reporter around Trump is hard enough; and being a female reporter around a man that believes most women should be so impressed by his wealth and power that they are ready to be sexually assaulted willingly by him, has got to be just soul-draining.

Here are the two women Trump confused.

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The fact that Trump confused the two, who were sitting next to one another isn’t the biggest issue. The issue is that his pig-headedness and his transparent insecure bluster always makes small “mistakes” embarrassing to be around. It’s particularly excruciating when the person embarrassing themselves has zero ability to be self-deprecating. 

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