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I forgot about this over the last couple of days. I saw it on Rachel’s show early in the week as an exclusive, and then didn’t see it on screen over the holiday. This is The Lincoln Project’s “Thanksgiving” ad, and it’s an absolute masterpiece. Watch it, and tell me at the end if you notice one particular thing that’s missing. There’s nothing more I can say.


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  1. I am thankful. In the face of all that has happened this year. The spirit of our people is strong. Our hope endures. Our optimism undaunted. We have suffered and been shaken to our roots. Our faith abused and bloodied. But we persist, and have arrived upon the shore of new possibilities. Opportunities not even visible a few small months before.

    We are now called to plant new seeds in fertile soils. So that we might harvest a crop of love, peace, abundance, health, and liberty for each and every, for all the world. Before you can celebrate the break of dawn, you must survive the long cold night, and we have. This is our time.

  2. I have two step daughters in frontline occupations a nurse and a teacher. I pray for them regularly. The nurse moved off ICU to dialysis. Prayers are sometimes answered. The guys at the Lincoln Project are my heroes. They went where the Democrats feared to go. And they did in an epic and courageous way. I thank them.


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