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Real Time with Bill Maher / YouTube

Roger Stone, the political hit-man and long-time advisor to President Trump is back on the national news scene. He did a long interview with South Florida reporter, Jim DeFede, giving a relatively sane performance.

Regardless, he has some hard-to-believe ideas, such as:

  • Stone believes that Manafort will never  “roll over” on the Trump. Stone says he doesn’t know why they are piling up charges on Manafort, because “there is no Russian collusion.”
  • Stone does not believe that “Assange is a Russian operative”
  • Although there is no collusion, Stone doesn’t think its a good idea for Trump to testify before Mueller since “he could conceivably be vulnerable to some sort of process crime – perjury, lying to an FBI agent, so on.”

There are three parts to the video:


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