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I am embarrassed to say that I couldn’t get a full handle on why this Cohen plea-deal and 70 hours of interviews with Mueller was such a huge deal.  There are many in the media that are singling out this particular event as the beginning of the ACTUAL end of the Trump administration.  Hyperbole aside, even.

I just didn’t see it.  The “smoking gun”

How do all the lies fit together?

If you’re like me, you can’t keep all the info in your head, all the time, so you wish you could know the mind of Robert Mueller.   After Trump submitted his answers to Mueller’s questions, Manafort has been exposed as a continuing liar, and Cohen has pleaded in court to lying to Congress.  But still, this wasn’t enough to show me how it all fit together, and why it is truly like knowing the mind of Mueller……..

Now, Rachel Maddow has skillfully and clearly done that.  She has pulled together enough of what has been exposed of what Mueller now knows, to satisfy me that there is provable collusion between Trump and Putin.   The kind of proof that ends a presidency.

The smoking gun is a confluence of what happened on June 14th, 2016

Watch the entire clip.

Two more important things:

1. The fact that although Acting Attorney General Whitaker was made aware of Cohen’s impending court appearance and pleading, HE DID NOT APPROVE IT.  Rod Rosenstein did.

2. Cohen will be sentenced on December 12th.  The Prosecution has made it clear that they reserve the right to reveal any and all other deeds committed by Mr. Cohen, that he was not charged for (because of the plea agreement).

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