You may recall some of these comments being made during the 2016 primaries. A number of prominent Republicans, Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham foremost among them, had Donald Trump’s number early on. Yet, over the months and years, they have chosen to become sheep and sycophants. This is a video which needs to get a lot of air play. Spread this far and wide if you can, because people need to see the hypocrisy of the Republican party in full view.

Nikki Haley is rumored to be showing up at the Republican National Convention to speak on Trump’s behalf. It will be interesting to see if any of the others do. Or, maybe she won’t even show. The lineup of the RNC is the vaguest issue in Washington, D.C. right now. Nobody seems to know who will be there and it starts tomorrow.

But there’s a larger issue here, that I find stunning that none of these people seem to address. Did it never occur to Graham or Collins that they might lose their senate seats supporting Trump? Apparently not. I guess that they would support Satan as president, because following the party line and supporting the standard bearer takes precedence over acting on what you know to be true.

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