I’m surprised Donald Trump doesn’t phone in to Fox & Friends and demand that this ad stop airing during their show. Or maybe he hasn’t heard about it yet. Republican Voters Against Trump has enlisted Olivia Troye, who used to work side by side with Fauci at the White House, to tell the truth about what she saw and heard. It’s simple and to the point. And since Trump hates the truth, it should drive him up a wall.

One of the reasons that everything Trump touches dies is because he can’t let people do their jobs. Fauci has served under six administrations. He has never encountered the level of hype and spin that exists on the reality TV set of this White House. Fauci is an epidemiologist, not a PR man — and he’s definitely not one of Trump’s song and dance men, he’s made that clear.

I think it’s encouraging that Fauci drew a line in the sand when Trump used his likeness out of context in a campaign spot, without his knowledge or permission. That said, this is just one more cup of water in an ocean of insult.



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