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Once upon a time, I would have viewed this clip and thought it a real thigh slapper. But that was once upon a time and now I’m too disgusted to find this funny and I want Trump gone too badly. He’s shocked us all to the point of numbness and beyond.

I don’t know where this ad will air, but I wish the MAGAts would see it. Even if many of them don’t like Obama for whatever reason, it’s undeniable here who is the sane, calm adult and who the idiot ranting child.

Who acts like Donald Trump? Answer: he and the Republican goons who are impressed with his shock jock tactics and so they adopt them for themselves. Yes, we’re talking about you, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Devin Nunes, Tom Cotton, Doug Collins, Marco Rubio….just pull out a roster.

This is what leadership looks like, juxtiposed with sheer idiocy. They don’t even look like the same species. One is homo sapiens, the other is homo Trumpians. The latter is an endangered species in politics, thank God.

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