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If you’ve been watching Trump for as long as I have, and you’ve paid attention, you should be as worried as I am right now. because we just got closer to war with North Korea than we have been at any moment up until now.

If you watch Trump, you know he only has two responses to pressure. One, he screams, bellows, and tweets his outrage, and then doubles down on his original atrocity. Two, he looks for a scapegoat to blame to distract everybody from his original outrage. And right about now, he’s looking around desperately for that scapegoat.

If there’s one person on the planet that is more scared, worried, and pissed off right now than Trump himself, it’s President Xi Jinping of China. Xi wasn’t kidding when he told Trump that he has only a certain amount of control over Kim Jong Un. And never has he needed control and influence over him as much as he does right now.

Xi Jinping must be going nuts. He hasn’t been happy about the escalating backyard pissing contest going on between Un and Trump. That clearly shows by his repeated public calls for calm and a step back from the superheated rhetoric every time they jab at each other. He damn well knows Kim Jong Un, and it didn’t take him much more than two summits with Trump to get a measure of the man, he’s that goddamn transparent. If I were Xi right now, I’d be laying the law down to Kim Jong Un, “Say one word about Trump or the US right now, fire off one more ballistic missile, and we honor the sanctions, you’re on your own with whatever happens next”.

This is right in Kim’s wheelhouse. And if he says one word about that “crazy old fool”, or that “doddering old man”, we’re all in a world of shit. Trump is a cornered honey badger right now, and North Korea would be the perfect foil for him to exorcise his rage on. He’s been threatening it for months, and any provocation can now be used as the provocation to attack. And as long as he doesn’t call for the football, no matter how they may counsel against it, none of his advisers are going to stop him.

So, as much as we’ll all be hanging on every word that comes out about who Flynn is throwing under the bus, and what he’s saying and showing to do it, keep one eye on North Korea. Because with one rash word, Kim Jong Un can bring an end to the regime in North Korea, and with it the lives of several hundred thousand people in and around Seoul and Tokyo. This is not a drill.

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