Watch. Mitt. Romney.

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Ursula asked me a little while ago whether the Senate will vote for witnesses and document production tomorrow. I dunno. Neither do you, and neither does anybody else, anybody who says that they do is full of shit. I told her my personal opinion was that the final tally would be 53-47 to call witnesses, with Romney, Collins, Murkowski, with at least two wild cards such as Alexander, Burr, or Enzio crossing over to provide air support, so that there was no sacrificial lamb 51st Senator for Trump to pillory. And then we get that “mystery” break after Alexander shoots McConnell a message. Omen? Who knows.

But I’m going to stick my neck out here, and make a pronouncement. It’s not complicated, in fact it’s the title of the article. Watch Mitt Romney. Because, witnesses or no witnesses, and with acquittal ensured, Mitt Romney has the ability all by himself to do to Donald Trump what a windshield does to a bug.

Just a jot of background if you please. Senator Romney is in a unique position to stand his ground, and speak his mind in the GOP caucus. Romney’s name is gold in Utah, he’s set for life as far as his seat is concerned. Also, Romney is not up for reelection until 2024, when Trump’s name will not be on the ballot regardless of what happens in 2020. And third, Romney represents a state that considers Trump only slightly more desirable than genital lice.

Romney is also in the position to feel the need for some serious fucking payback against Traitor Tot. In 2012, Trump humiliated Romney by forcing Romney to go to a staged event at Trump’s property to accept his endorsement. Then Trump ridiculed Romney for being a choke artist in his own campaign rallies, including gross noises and motions, and told the audience that Romney would have blown him if he ordered it. Trump embarrassed Romney’s wife, ridiculing her physical condition, and making fun of her use of dressage as a form of therapy and pain relief. And His Lowness sent Romney packing back to New York for a secret dinner to discuss his consideration for the Secretary of State job, one so secret it was caught on video, before giving the job to a guy he had never met or spoken to.

So, let’s just say that Senator Romney has more than ample reason to wish The Pampers President ill. And he’s in a unique position to indulge himself, and to extract his revenge if he so desires. And in the best Shakespearean tradition, to serve it up cold. Because, as the immortals kept saying in Highlander, There can be only one. And to rob Emperor Numbus Nuttus, it only takes one GOP Senator. And Mitt Romney is perfectly positioned to be that one.

Donnie Depends has already spoken, this trial must be over by tomorrow, before his Super Bowl interview on FOX, and his State of the Union on Tuesday. This is totally transparent, since he wants to use the SOTU as an excuse to go into Nancy’s House, and spend an hour spiking the football in her end zone. But with or without witnesses, Romney will not be the only one who makes a difference. But whether it’s tomorrow, or a month from tomorrow, Romney has the chance to spike the football for himself and his family.

It only takes one. Look at what Trump’s legal shitkickers have been screaming to the heavens for this entire impeachment trial. They have been bemoaning the strictly partisan nature of the House’s vote to impeach Trump. It goes without saying that if, as expected, the vote to acquit is a strictly partisan 53-37 vote, the Trump forces will not be pointing out the strictly partisan outcome. It will have been justice.

But it only takes one. And if just one GOP Senator stands up and votes to convict President Donald Trump, on either or both counts, then the House case managers will have managed to obtain something that even the Trump defense cannot deny. They will have obtained a bipartisan vote to convict and remove Donald Trump. Not enough to remove him from office, but a bipartisan result just the same. And that would be a dagger to the heart of His Lowness.

Because Donald Trump has demanded, and will accept one thing, and one thing only, and that is total exoneration. And if so much as one GOP Senator votes to convict and remove Trump, then there is no fucking way that it can be considered a total and complete exoneration. Not even in the same zip code. Oh, sure, Trump can go ahead and claim complete exoneration, but only his slobbering Trombies will buy it. To everybody else it will be the little kid saying, So what if I lost? I scored the last 4 goals, didn’t I?

We’ll know soon enough what will happen as far as witnesses and documents are concerned, in about sixteen hours. But whatever happens, don’t take your eyes off of Mitt Romney. Because, when it comes to the only two votes that actually matter, there are 99 irrelevant voices. But a single Utah Senator, with a yea or two, can put Trump in the hurt locker, and pay no penalty for having done so. It only takes one. Don’t touch that dial.

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David Bishop
David Bishop

Romney doesn’t have the nards.


I haven’t appreciated Mitt Romney’s elitist vulture capitalism history, but never ever have I thought of him as a Russian pawn working for Vladimir Putin. Wish I could say the same for IMPOTUS.

J. M.
J. M.

I just don’t know if I have the strength for anymore of this vile sht show. I’m drained. I’m a shell.