Watch Meghan McCain Melt Down After Guest Calls Trump Supporters A Cult.

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On today’s edition of “The View” Meghan McCain took issue with fellow hosts after they agreed with a conservative guest who called Trump supporters “a cult.”  A meltdown ensued.

At the start of the segment, Joy Behar played a clip of Trump’s interview with the British Tabloid, “The Sun”, which was recorded and released.  Then, a clip of the press conference with Theresa May was played, where Trump  stated that the reporting of that same interview was not legitimate, and was “fake news”.  Behar then stated, “So, now he’s calling his own words fake news!”

Tara Setmayer, a conservative commentator who was a guest on the show, said she could not believe that Trump could get away with lying in such obvious ways without his fans ever questioning their faith in him.  She said, “It’s a cult!”

This is when McCain started to break.  “Please stop saying that!” she interruped. “You said that the last time you were here, it’s so redundant!”  And then, ” I defend his supporters because I understand it,” she said. “You’re painting everyone with a giant swathe that everybody’s been brainwashed, that we’re all in a cult.”

Setmayer obviously held a different point of view.  Referring to conservatives who do not speak up against Trump’s inconsistencies, she said, “There’s a large group, including a lot of members of Congress, who have completely sold their principles down the river. There’s a large group of people who blindly follow what this man says, that don’t think for themselves.  He can get away with saying things on tape and then calling it fake news! That is a cult!”

By the way, Setmayer’s words were met with applause, just in case you were wondering.

You can watch the whole meltdown here:

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