Does anybody remember Bob Woodward being elected president of the United States? Because I do not. But then again, I haven’t exactly been myself lately. I fell down a rabbit hole, or must have, a few years ago, because when I emerged, some reality TV clown was talking as if he was the president of the United States. What’s up with that? Say what? That’s real?

If you’re looking for one of those head shaking moments, where the line between “reality” and satire is straddled with blinding brilliance, here’s a troll for you.

Now what makes this even more incredible, this guy has #Trump2020 as one of the hash tags in his profile. So I went over to that thread. A lot of what’s over there is what you would expect, MAGAts calling Joe Biden a pedophile, mocking his stutter, etc. But, Hand to God, there is stuff like this as well. So here’s the bottom line: a lot of the MAGAts can’t tell when they’re being mocked. Now that’s terrifying. Because it means that all they see is an image and they’re not listening to what’s actually being said — oh, wait. Never mind.


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