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The right-wing has to personally attack kids like David Hogg  because they can’t win on the issues themselves when it comes to guns.  Conservatives also try to paint them as extremists, falsely claiming that they want to take away all guns and have no regard for the Constitution.  The fact is, they only want a ban on magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, and a “comprehensive assault weapons ban.”  No one in their right mind can say that this is taking away the right to bear arms, it is only taking away the right to kill people in mass shootings.

Banning assault weapons, or high-capacity magazines, will not stop law-abiding citizens from bearing arms any more than banning the ownership of bazookas or tanks—or fully automatic weapons, for that matter, which have been banned for decades.

Conservatives are freaking out about the powerful images of more than a million people marching to reform our gun laws. They are freaking out about the fact that more and more Americans support the movement led by students like David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez.  Their fear shows in their personal attacks – it’s a sign of weakness, and it means they’ve got nothing else.

Responding to the right wing personal attacks, David Hogg, is not going to take it and calls out his attacker, Laura Ingraham on CNN.  He says that he wasn’t surprised that Ingraham apologized after attacking his grades and the fact that he didn’t get into colleges, but only AFTER a third of her advertisers pulled out of her show.  He says she had lots of opportunities in between that time to apologize, but did not.  He says he would consider going on her show again but only after she apologized to everyone that she has spoken to with “immaturity and unprofessionalism” including Dartmouth students and LeBron James.  Unlike the right-wing conservatives who attack him, he is interested in keeping the focus on the movement and uniting the country since “Our diversity is our strength.”  Watch his interview here:

It’s clear that the right wing is floundering.  They are pulling out personal attacks and low blows since they have nothing else.  If I were them, I would be very afraid too.

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