Donald Trump’s true believers love the fact that he is a monster. The fact that he’s brutal, selfish, without empathy, appeals to them greatly. This particular characterological flaw pushes a primordial button of some sort. It harkens back to a primitive world where power is the only important thing. A world where you club the other caveman before he clubs you, steal the meat from his kill, and then drag the woman by the hair back to your cave. Unfortunately, absolute power is rare and where it exists, or seems to, it’s a terrible thing and is always misused and the cause of widespread misery.

A documentary on the topic of Trump’s psychological quirks, “Unfit” is set to drop September 1. Here’s a one minute sample.

Just what we need, some lunatic who wants to get even, in the White House for 78 days after the election. Your guess is as good as mine as to what will happen.

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