Screencapture / CNN cnn obamacare repeal fails...
Screencapture / CNN

Like thieves in the night, Mitch McConnell and his health care raiders were set to vote on a “skinny repeal” of the Affordable Care Act. McConnell scheduled a vote on the “Health Care Freedom Act” (which would serve as a way to free tens of millions from having affordable health insurance) only 45 minutes after releasing the text of the bill. In the end, Sen. Susan Collins (ME) and Sen. Lisa Murkowski (AK) held strong in their opposition, knowing the damage this bill would do to their constituents back home. Even though they withstood tremendous pressure for weeks, including threats from other legislators, it was John McCain who rode in hammer the final nail in this ill-conceived bill’s coffin.

Watch as he gives a thumbs down while standing only a few feet from a scowling Mitch McConnell and listen to the audible gasps in the chamber:

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