Edit:  not all Bucks fans were participating in this, obviously, but those that were are asking for Covid to join in the celebration.

Everything has a price.  Everything has an opposite reaction.  If you stick popcorn in a microwave, and tuurn it on, it goes boom, and, well, pops.

If licensed demolition experts put dynamite in a mountain, it goes boom, and well, you build a road.

If you put too much in your closet, the door hinges may snap.

And in you stick 65,000 unmasked, perhaps up to 50 percent unvaccinated persons in a plaza..

And let me just say, as part of the Phoenix metro, I am glad we have no massive parade and gathering to deal with.  That and I grew up a Rocket’s fan anyway.  


The Bucks would then win. Leading to this:


No celebration complete, of course without the obligatory climbing of the flag pole.

So to review, 65,000 persons in a cramped space, screaming and yelling and most likely, at least according to statistics,  50 percent unvaccinated.


But nobody need worry.  The Bucks expanded the plaza to allow quadruple their arena’s capacity only after a lengthy negotiation with the Delta Variant’s representative, thus hammering out an agreement for the variant to take the night off.

And if I had posted that last paragraph on Facebook, some of the readers would have believed it.

We don’t have to worry about aliens.  No.  By now I am sure Fodor’s Universe has been updated to explain that the inhabitants of earth are so low on the intelligence scale, a visit would be a waste of time.

It seems the only shot half of Americans are willing to chance is one by a bullet.


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