Washington Examiner: ‘Trump’s Approval Rating Catches the Flu, Crashes Overnight’


Two polling stories in the news today, neither one of them favorable to Donald Trump. First, Rasmussen, an oft-touted favorite of Trump, due to the fact that they give him a higher favorability rating than anybody else, is advertising quite a dip in it’s latest poll, down from 52% to 47%. Washington Examiner:

President Trump’s sky-high approval rating took a beating overnight after a stocks crashed amid a wave of negative stories on his handling of the coronavirus epidemic. […]

“The drop in Trump’s approval rating follows more news about the spreading coronavirus and the steep drop in the stock market,” said the polling analysis shared with Secrets.

“The latest figures include 35% who ‘Strongly Approve’ of the job Trump is doing and 44% who ‘Strongly Disapprove.’ This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -9,” it added.

Minus nine is nothing to brag about, unless you’re going into snow cone manufacture and then it might be a good figure to have in your column. But not in politics and not in an election year.

Then, if the Washington Examiner didn’t ruin Trump’s morning, Fox News did.

What he was carrying on about, is the fact that the recent Fox News polls show Democrats beating him.

Overall, majorities of primary voters think Sanders (65 percent), Bloomberg (57 percent) and Biden (56 percent) can beat Donald Trump. Since December, the number believing Sanders can win is up 5 points (was 60 percent).

Kellyanne used to be a pollster, maybe she can straighten all this out for Trump? In any event, his numbers are not what they were, let alone where he would wish them to be, and the coronavirus crisis is kicking his butt. He’s not handling the public health dilemma aspect of it, and that’s transparently obvious. That, in turn, is causing world financial markets to plummet. Trump has good cause to be worried.

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The polls were correct in 2016 as well. Clinton won the popular vote by a LOT. And she was HATED by half the country. One thing trump doesn’t account for ,regarding his “surprise win” is that Russia ,Cambridge Analytics and god only knows who else, did everything in their power to create the master we are dealing with today. He’s a loser and a failure. He cheats at EVERYTHING. Let hope that the democratic turnout is so strong that no amount of meddling will make a difference…