Move along folks! Nothing to see here.   Common cop phrase

I’ sorry, but as a character said in the movie “Network”, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!” We already get a daily full body immersion in the Trump mud puddle just in snippets on the news every night. We shouldn’t have to put up with 20-40 minutes of it at a time, every damn day.

The media loves to bemoan the cuffing around that Trump is giving them, ridiculing them and calling them “fake news.” To a fair extent, the media has nobody to blame but themselves. They helped to fuel the rock star rise of Trump by covering every single campaign event he held live, cover to cover. You were lucky if you got 10 seconds of any other GOP candidate, but it was All Trump All The Time.

But Trump is President now, and it’s time to cut this shit out, and I’m looking at you MSNBC. I’m medically retired, and as such I’m home all day, usually with either MSNBC or CNN on in the background while I type. MSNBC in particular has the terrible habit of covering the daily White House press briefing live. And there is no reason or excuse for it.

I don’t recall MSNBC, or any of the other major media outlets having a pic-in-pic of the briefing room podium in the lower right corner, and then breathlessly cutting over to listen to Josh Ernest tell everybody what President Obama was having for lunch. They had a camera tape the presser, and if anything newsworthy happened, they played the clip on the news that night.

For as little reason as there was to interrupt regular programming to listen to Josh Ernest, there’s even less reason to cover the daily briefings from this White House live. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is nothing but a big mouthed, bald face liar, and she’s arrogant about it to boot. A perfect example was today, you could hear the scorn and disgust in her voice when explaining that it didn’t actually matter if the videos Trump retweeted were real or not, the “threat” was real. The look on her face, and the tone of her voice said, “Fuck you, we tweet what we want. And besides, you’re gonna report this as news, so shut up!”. However, I do have one question for SS. Exactly what “threats” are real? How does a guy getting thrown off of a roof in Cairo and a disabled person being beaten up in the Netherlands by non Muslims threaten us here in the US? I know your boss kinda leaves you twisting in the wind, but you’re supposed to be the adult one, you gotta do better than that.

So please MSNBC, put your money where your mouth is. You scream about Trump promulgating “fake news”, but every time you switch to that briefing room, you’re actively aiding and abetting in the national distribution of the same damn thing, pushing “fake news.” Go back to the good old days, just show the necessary stuff on tape. You want motivation? How about this, it’ll drive Trump crazy, he loves watching the briefing to rate SS and reactions to him and his agenda. So please, I’m begging you, fill that time with male enhancement drug ads if necessary. There’s more factual information in that than you’ll ever get in a briefing, and even the mental image of motile sperm swimming around is preferable than the real image of Sarah Sanders standing in front of a podium.

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