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Kavanaugh, who portrayed himself in high dramatic fashion on Thursday made it easier to picture him as the aggressive, entitled teen who goes to rapey drinking parties and gets upset when, years later, someone musters up enough courage to talk about it.


It was more than a little surreal to see the composed federal judge, a 53-year-old man who’s foregrounded his skills as a carpool driver and children’s basketball coach, transform into a petulant prep school jock. His arms crossed, eyes rolling, lips pursed into a smirk, Kavanaugh dropped his veneer of decorum to talk back to the Democratic senators on the Judiciary Committee—every one of whom he interrupted—as if they were meting out a particularly harsh grounding.

This visual was in stark contrast to the highly composed Kavanaugh who came Capitol Hill for the first four days of his Supreme Court confirmation hearings. What the world saw then was a measured man, refusing to comment on questions that might reveal his political leanings.

Thursday’s spectacle was a departure, to say the least.  Along with interrupting while being questioned, Kavanaugh took multiple shots back, as any grown-man-teen would do.

He yelled over ranking member Dianne Feinstein about wanting to hold a hearing the day after Ford came forward with her allegations. When Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse asked him about the yearbook entries that appeared to illustrate heavy drinking, Kavanaugh interrupted and shot back, “Do you like beer? What do you like to drink? Senator, what do you like to drink?” Twice, Kavanaugh asked Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who spoke about her father’s struggle with alcoholism, if she’d ever blacked out from drinking, as a way to avoid answering the same question she posed to him.

So, here are some helpful parenting tips for those with high school-aged children, thanks to   Brett Kavanaugh’s behaviour.

When you ask your teen what  “Beach Week Ralph Club” might mean and they respond that it’s just a “sensitive stomach” thing, you might be raising an aggressive, entitled future SCOTUS nominee.  Check back on his or her drinking when they are 53.

When you ask your teen if they drank so much that they passed out and they respond, no, they just “fell asleep” you might be raising an aggressive, entitled future SCOTUS nominee.  First, make sure they realize that falling asleep and blacking out are pretty much the same thing, and then check back on their drinking when they are 53.


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  1. When you have virtually unlimited access to the US Treasury (trump), you can BUY literally anyone to do anything you might want them to do for you, like oh maybe a seat on the Supreme court? Imagine that…

  2. If this Trump lackey had any balls or the least bit of moral fiber, he would have withdrawn himself in the first place, but no, he has none because he is just ANOTHER Trump lackey…Well, they may be lifetime appointments but they are still subject to impeachment.

  3. Using the old saw “the best defense is offense”, Kavanaugh and the tRump sycophants of the Senate can see no downside to denying, stonewalling, covering up, and attacking Dr. Ford in their unfettered quest to, once again, rape the American people. Given Kavanaugh’s career as an attorney and jurist, where the precise definition of every word counts, his cheesey definition of “Boof”,along with ramming his appointment through the Senate without investigation, will forever taint the decisions rendered by SCOTUS.


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