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This is going to sound like a five year old saying his prayers before bed, but God bless the Democrats, and God bless Michael Wolff. The Democrats because, at least so far, they’re playing their DACA hand beautifully, even on the fly, and Michael Wolff for making the Democrats job easier by making Trump chase the bright, shiny object for a change.

Don’t ask me why, but the GOP leadership seems to be falling all over itself to help the Democrats in painting the GOP as the ogres in the immigration fight. GOP House slug Mike McCarthy came out this morning and said that he expects the House to pass another short term continuing resolution next week.The Democratic response sounded like the introduction to a Sesame Street episode, “Todays short term resolution is brought to you by the letters D, A, C, and A, and the number 1.” But you’ve got to remember, we’re talking about Mike McCarthy here. This is a guy who couldn’t string enough coherent sentences together to be elected Speaker of the House, so it’s not like the Democrats are playing against the Crimson Tide or anything.

And the GOP Senate is doing its part as well. It’s amazing how sane a GOP Senator can sound when he doesn’t have to face the voters in November. Flake announced today that his working group of bipartisan Senators has reached a “deal” on immigration. Just as Bob Corker was free to proclaim that Trump was an incompetent, unqualified boob once he announced his retirement, so is Flake free to make himself sound reasonable about immigration when he doesn’t have to pander to racist mouth breathers anymore.

The one who’s really taking the canine fornication here is Paul Ryan. The Senate is by reputation supposed to be saner, more deliberative body, and they’ve proven it. Back in 2013, the Senate passed a strongly bipartisan, comprehensive immigration bill that could have made all of this current Sturm und Drang a moot point. But when it got to the House, it died quicker than a candle in a hurricane. The House GOP mongrels were not about to give up their tasty, scary brown people chew toy so easily. Mitch McConnell will gladly set Paul Ryan up to take the fall for this whole self induced mess.

As am American citizen, it makes my blood boil to think that a flaming asshole like Vladimir considers any US President as a “useful idiot.” But as a lifelong gawddam lilbrul, it makes my heart sing to think that this is what Democratic leaders might privately be calling Trump right now. And here is where we must give a shout out to Michael Wolff.

As furious as Bannon’s heresy against all thinkg Trump enraged the White House, it was Wolff’s assertions that west wing staffers and aides consider Trump manifestly incompetent, ignorant, and ineffective that cut the deepest. And as such, as Lawrence O’Donnell pointed out last night, Trump’s media exposure is now being controlled by Wolff’s claims, they are desperate to cobble up ways to show Trump as sane, competent, and in control.

Why else would they allow cameras to record and broadcast the first hour of a bipartisan skull session on immigration and DACA, instead of just letting the media take pictures of everybody sitting around smiling, thumbs firmly planted in their ass, and then kick them out as usual? Instead, they let Trump prove himself on national television to be exactly what Michael Wolff claims him to be. Ignorant of the issues, and uncaring about them to boot. Trump agreed to a clean DACA bill proposed by Dianne Feinstein before Mike McCarthy reeled him back in again. He was even heard to  e seemingly sympathetic to a possible immigration plan that would offer all 11 million undocumented immigrants a possible path to citizenship. And worst of all, he promised repeatedly to “sign whatever lands on his desk.” 

Salesmen spend their entire careers trying to induce “a sense of urgency ” when selling customers a product. If you walk into a showroom and say, “I just gotta have that sportster in the corner, the list price just went up $2K. By publicly announcing his complete capitulation to anything in order to get “a win,” Trump just gave the Democrats the combination to the vault. As long as Chuck and Nancy give the public impression that they really want to work with Trump on this issue, Trump will put pressure on the GOP, not the Democrats to get his win.

Paul Ryan will be the ultimate loser here. The Senate will pass something, and the House will hate it. If it dies in the House, especially without coming to a vote, than Paul Ryan becomes the poster child for evil in the eyes of Hispanics and immigration activists going into November. And if Ryan brings it to a vote, and it passes with strong Democratic support, then he just sealed his fate in losing the House majority in November, since a large swath of the GPO base will sit out 2018 in protest for their caving on immigration.And all thanks to a narcissistic ignoramus who treats his IQ like his golf score, the lower the better.

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to seeing how this comes out in the wash. If we get a good DACA fix, the Democrats are heroes in their base’s eyes, and the GOP takes it in the shorts. And if it dies, this only further motivates and energizes the Democratic base going into November. With this sudden jolt of control, there is absolutely no sane reason for Pelosi and Schumer to give the GOP a continuing resolution without at least a permanent DACA fix attached to it. The only question is whether or not they’ll snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Let’s hope not.

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