Want To Fix Voter Suppression? Remember What Voting Is!


One of the most beautiful things about America is that we are all endowed with certain rights. And I’m not talking about citizenship, the constitution endows everybody with certain rights. Immigrants, even illegal immigrants are assured of certain human and civil rights. Some rights are reserved with citizens alone. And there are other benefits that are actually privileges. 

Here’s a perfect example. One of our most cherished rights, most certainly cherished by the GOP is the criminal right that every defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Considering the criminal proclivities of the GOP, especially in this administration, this right is dear to their hearts. We could have HD video of Mitch McConnell running out of a chicken coop, pulling up his pants and spitting feathers, and until you can get 12 boobs who couldn’t get out of it to stand up and says GUILTY!, McConnell is innocent.

On the other hand, the issuance and ownership of a drivers license is not a constitutional right, it is a privilege. and the majority of the population of this country gets their drivers license the old fashioned way, in high school driving class. So, how does a 16 year old prove their identity? Normally, at the most, it requires them to show up at the DMV with their birth certificate, their social security card, and their student ID, as well as proof of having passed the class. And if they pass their tests, they are issued a drivers license, which is a legal form of ID to use to vote. They can vote on the basis of privilege.

Voting is not a privilege, it is a right of citizenship. Whether native born or naturalized, every citizen has the right to vote. All they need to do is to prove their identity, and their right to cast their ballot. But somehow, the GOP, in their thirst to keep people who don’t like them from voting, have managed to turn their own treasured right of innocent until proven guilty, and managed to turn it into guilty until proven innocent. and the fix is just as simple as that.

So, how does someone get a voters registration card? The same damn way that they get a drivers license if they’re over 18 and not in high school. They present a birth certificate, a social security card if they have one, proof of citizenship if applicable , and a form of alternate identity, such as a credit card bill, or utility bill in their name, at their address they’re registering under. That’s all it takes in order to be registered as a voter, and get a voter ID card.

You want to fix voter suppression? It’s really easy, Start treating voting like a goddamn right, and not a privilege. remember the GOP’s favorite right, Innocent until proven guilty? Make it the standard for voting! If  person shows up at the polling place with a valid voters ID card, and an alternate form of ID, such as a credit card or utility bill in their name at the registered address, They Vote! It’s their right. If someone wants to challenge it, fine, make the ballot provisional, and set it off to the side. But put the impetus of proof on the challenger, and not on the voter. If the challenger can’t prove their case, then the goddamn vote counts.

Since the GOP has no actual plans, programs, proposals, or agenda, they are reduced to trying to suppress the vote in order to maintain even a semblance of relevancy. But a constitutional right is a right, and they shouldn’t be allowed to force legitimate voters to jump through hoops just to show that they are allowed to cast a vote, like some kind of a trained seal. A right is a right, treat it that way. Let the GOP try to prove that it isn’t.

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