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This is a little tacky, even for the likes of them. Donald and Melania Trump paid $50,000 for a wedding cake that was inedible, it was for looks only — just like the couple. But now they’re selling it at auction and hey, bidding continues until Friday, get crackin’.  Vanity Fair:

If you’re in the market for some Donald Trump memorabilia, look no further than Julien’s “Icons and Idols: Hollywood and More” auction—and maybe examine your priorities. The auction includes a cake from Donald and Melania Trump’s  January 2005 wedding, per Pret-a-Reporter. The now-stale morsel had a starting price of $250. As of Tuesday evening, bids had reached $600 and will end Friday.

As party favors at the wedding, guests were given mini chocolate cakes with white-rose frosting, which was packaged in a white box with “M.D.T.” monogrammed on the top. The original wedding cake was a little more involved; it was $50,000 and could not be eaten by guests because of “the amount of wire used to make it stand.”

In news that will likely make the numbers and money-obsessed president happy, this is not the only Trump item up for auction in the Julien’s sale.

In October, real-estate mogul Elie Hirschfeld paid $16,000 for the president’s 1995 sketch of the Empire State Building; he paid $4,000 more than the sketch’s original estimated cost.

What about the portrait of Steve Bannon dressed as Napolean, that was hanging in his West Wing war room? Will that ever be up for sale, ya spose? How about the latest photograph of Steve Mnuchin and bride looking like bond villains and holding up a sheet of treasury notes? There are so many memorable images out of the Trump administration. The portraits of presidents on the walls of the White House must be groaning.We know how they feel.

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