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Supporters of Donald Trump proved themselves to be a tad surly during his 2016 campaign rallies and, guess what? The spirit of Christmas doesn’t do anything to soften their hard edges. If anything, it makes them especially Grinchy, according to a PPP survey.

PPP’s annual holidays poll finds that it’s really only Trump voters who get offended about the ‘Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays’ debate. 23% of Trump voters say they’re offended by the phrase ‘Happy Holidays,’ while only 3% of Clinton voters say they’re offended by the phrase ‘Merry Christmas.’ In fact there are actually slightly more Trump voters- 6%- who say they’re offended by ‘Merry Christmas.’ Overall just 13% of voters are offended by ‘Happy Holidays’ and just 4% are offended by ‘Merry Christmas,’ suggesting this issue perhaps gets a little bit more attention than it deserves.

70% of Clinton voters say they don’t care whether people say ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Holidays,’ and among those who do care they actually choose ‘Merry Christmas’ 23-7. On the other hand only 25% of Trump voters say they don’t care about this issue- 66% prefer ‘Merry Christmas’ to 9% for ‘Happy Holidays.’

All this data suggests that Trump voters are the real snowflakes on the ultra important holiday nomenclature issues.

So go ahead, get your seasonal cheer on and wish everyone you know “Happy Holidays!” in the chirpiest, most spirited of greetings. And just know that most people who really get their panties in a wad over that well-intentioned salutation helped land us in this mess to begin with.

 Happy Holidays, all!

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