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It has been just over two weeks since Republican racist representative from Mississippi Cindy Hyde-Smith joked about attending a “public handing,” while at a campaign stop alongside fellow Republican racist Governor Phil Bryant. Since then Popular Info has been drawing out Hyde-Smith’s campaign filings with FEC to see how is giving this monster money? Last week it was revealed that search engine giant Google had donated $5,000 to her campaign—seemingly a day after Hyde-Smith’s terrible comments were made. Earlier today it was reported that Hyde-Smith’s campaign received $2,700 from an openly white supremacist—Washington state businessman Peter Zieve. This, of course, is not surprising as white supremacist’s love white supremacists. Following suit, Pop Info is now reporting that almost a full two weeks after Hyde-Smith’s statements were reported, retail monster Walmart decided the coast was clear to give her a little blood money.

Hyde-Smith’s remarks hasn’t dissuaded Walmart from contributing to her campaign. She faces Democrat Mike Espy in a runoff election on November 27, and an FEC filing on Monday revealed that Walmart, the nation’s largest retailer, has contributed $2000 to the effort.


Hyde-Smith also received contributions on November 18 from defense contractor Leidos ($5000), railroad company Union Pacific ($5000), manufacturer Boston Scientific ($2500), and steelmaker Nucor ($2000).

For their part, Google said in a statement that they had made their contribution a day earlier than the FEC filing said, and had not learned about the statements by “lynching is a funny topic in Mississippi,” Hyde-Smith. While this reasoning doesn’t excuse Google’s support of a clearly racist candidate for office, it gives them an “excuse,” for handing her cash right after she says a verifiably easy-to-understand-as-racist thing in front of other human beings. Walmart’s excuse, which they haven’t given yet, seems to be…they waited a couple for weeks and they support racism.

Democrat Mike Espy is running against this bigot in a November 27 runoff. Go here to make calls for him.

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