Ok so the beach was closed.  So what?  Say the beach was closed.  Be nice.  She is walking her dog, on a calm night.  This mentality of “any person of color will do” held by the cops is terrorizing people of color all over America.  And I believe that all police departments in this country should go under Federal review and initiate massive turnover.

This video shows an unprovoked assault of a young black woman walking her dog for the “crime” of “walking onto a beach that is closed.”   

I have been around a while, and I know the reaction of a white man who is merely offended by a person of color in their presence.  There was no policing here.  There was no law enforcement.  This was a bully who decided to assault a black woman he thought was vulnerable, period.

He belongs in prison, not law enforcement.  

The young woman, Nikita Brown, at this point has retained a lawyer and will likely be pursuing litigation against the officer and the department.

Racists in this country are becoming more emboldened everyday, even attacking reporters and outright using invectives in city council meetings.  They feel the momentum is with them, and unless the judicial system starts administering real punishment, what evidence is there to say differently?


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