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Just after Maine Sen. Susan Collins spent 50 minutes on the Senate floor rolling out the twisted logic of her support for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin finally decided he had enough cover to announce he would push Kavanaugh’s nomination over the edge.

His support was full of useless caveats, like having “reservations” about Kavanaugh’s “temperament” and the “serious accusations” against him. “I do hope,” Manchin said, Kavanaugh won’t let his self-professed partisanship “follow him onto the court.” Gee, that’s reassuring. But here’s the most craven defense of his decision, concerning the pre-existing conditions coverage for West Virginians that Kavanaugh may well shred thanks to his position on the Supreme Court.

“Judge Kavanaugh assured me personally that he would consider the human impacts and approach any decision with surgical precision to avoid unintended consequences.”

Are you kidding? In other words, Kavanaugh assured Manchin he would do his best to minimize the collateral damage to West Virginians when he shreds their health coverage by striking down the Affordable Care Act. Wow, they’ll certainly appreciate eating that word salad for dinner when it’s all they can afford after being bankrupted by medical bills.

Oh, also: Manchin believes BOTH Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh about the sexual assault.

Right—that shameful, discredited mistaken identity crap that Blasey Ford said had “0 percent” chance of being right is the order of the day for spineless politicians. Sen. Susan Collins invoked it too.

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