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You’ve got to see this to believe it. The person recording was appalled at her behavior and asked if she was a Trump supporter.  And of course.

Make a note: if you are knowingly doing something completely awful, maybe that’s not the best time to scream “GO DONALD TRUMP!”

The lady, along with a man who seems to be her husband, completely cleaned out a Florida Dollar Tree, which irresponsibly sold them every large box they had.  The lady had so much they had to strap the giant boxes in a large pickup and then still had to pack an entire van. The customers outside were none too happy.

I believe there are laws against hoarding during a pandemic, and I know there are laws against price gouging. I hope she isn’t planning on trying to sell. I am beyond outraged.

I don’t like seeing images of elderly folks desperately trying to find one packet of supplies while someone behind them has shopping carts full. Stores need to limit. Leadership starts at the top.

Please look out for each other while we get through this.

I hope this lady gets her comeuppance. She is definitely not making America great again.


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  1. She already has gotten karma. Dumb as a box of rocks, ugly inside, outside. Doesn’t give a rats azz about society. I’m seeing this in most Trump supporters. Apparently it’s ok he kept it to himself so his rich pals could rape the stock market. Him too in some way. People need to identify these azzholes. Let their jobs know. Trump makes it ok to be a rude idiot.
    I’ve written all my local news channels. Stop letting mr dangerous untruthful information out via our president. They have a responsibility to the public.

    • I really love the way they keep going around saying I don’t believe you are so angry. Even before you open your mouth. They start as the lady said. She was just looking at the boxes. And there are laws against that. Of course, when you have a senate that lets the orange turd walk, what can you expect from law enforcement.

    • Why does she need any of those things for? After this is all a hoax according to Trump supporters, so there is no reason she needs all that stuff.

      Oh, she couldn’t rape the stock market, so rapes the stores instead. Now, I see.

      Buy a bidet seat from eBay, for a lot less that what she spent at the
      dollar store. It’s cleaner, and cheaper. And leaves product for those
      others who need it.

  2. Well the only thing the orange turd would say is do you need help transporting that. And do you have other stores in mind. Got a lot of hotels and I need supplies to. Swing by maralego and we’ll talk!


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