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We now know that because Barack Obama routinely concerned himself with the fact that black men often seemed to be needlessly killed by the police, some good old fashioned racism was called for, or something like that, according to ex-Senator and Emeritus Jerk, Rick Santorum.

Raw Story has the low-down on how we “must look at the role that Obama played in Trump’s racism.”

The discussion all came about because of a talk about the “double standard” we all know exists whereby liberals get to say whatever they want (Samantha Bee), and conservatives can’t make a little funny about a black person being part primate, and why is that anyway? spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre reminded everyone that our Dear Leader used the exact same language as Samantha Bee in describing Sally Yates, ex-Deputy Attorney General.

Jean-Pierre went on, making perfect sense:

Racism was here before Donald Trump and sadly it will be here after,” she remarked. “But what he has done, he has normalized it. He’s given license to people to make it okay, to say, ‘You want to put out your racism, make it loud and be public about it? Go ahead because he’s doing it.’ And that is the problem that we’re in.

That sad fact set off something in Santorum’s inner lizard-brain and what came out was pure unadulterated “Santorum.”

“What’s being ignored here is the role that Barack Obama played in all this,” Santorum replied. “I mean, you can’t just go from, ‘We elected our first black president and all the sudden we get Donald Trump.’ There was something in between.”

Oh, this ought to be good:

“The thing that it tapped into was that many, many, many people saw Barack Obama doing more to exacerbate racism in this country,” Santorum opined


“How?” Jean-Pierre asked. “What did he do?”

She asked, quite reasonably.

And Santorum had his answer:

“Every time there was a controversy when someone of color was involved, he took the side — many times against the police,” Santorum remarked. “He did it over and over and over again.”

And the fact that the many times when there was a police shooting of a black man who deserved to be shot and Obama said nothing, meant nothing, apparently. When the police DO shoot unarmed black men for nothing, I suppose it is the Black President’s job to keep his mouth shut and support the police, lest we elect a real racist to show us what life could be like, or ….I don’t even know what the fk Santorum is saying. Perhaps you can help me.



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  1. Santorum doesn’t even know or even believe what he says. He’s not even a real politician. His career shows that. So what he has to say don’t even mount to dog crap. Couldn’t make as a politician so he tries so hard to be an analyst. And he’s a failure at that.

  2. Santorum has a bizarre convoluted opinion on everything, nothing makes sense & fellow Republicans reject him even. This is the nuttiest thing I’ve heard him say since he told high school students to do something useful about gun violence & take CPR classes. Idiot. The impostor president learned racism from his dear old racist Daddy & doesn’t see any problems with it. Make AmeriKKKa Hate Again right dotard don.


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