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The right wing’s obsession with New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has led to the discovery of a video made in her college days, and remarkably enough, its members consider it damning.

It all started in July 2009, when Ocasio-Cortez was a student at Boston University, and a clever YouTube user did a mashup of 1980s Brat Pack dance sequences, using the hit Phoenix song “Lisztomania” as a soundtrack. Featuring clips from films like The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, and Footloose, the original video didn’t chart massive views, but it did inspire remakes across the globe.

From Brooklyn to São Paulo, Manila to Austin, dancers and filmmakers across the world came together to make their own versions of the mashup, each paying tribute to their own city. By September 2010, students (and a mascot) at Boston University decided to come together to highlight the beauty of their campus community by participating in the Brat Pack Mashup.

It’s cheesy, it’s fun, and it’s corny. It’s all the things a silly college video should be. But because then-student, now-Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez participated in it (playing Ally Sheedy’s role in The Breakfast Club), it’s now fair game in the Rght’s endless war on AOC.

This erroneous tweet from some wannabe “Q” account says she’s “America’s favorite commie” dancing in high school. Come on now, Q! We all know she’s America’s favorite Democratic Socialist, and she was in college when she channeled her inner “basket case” alongside her classmates.

Nice touch with the music change, though.

The outrage over the video, predictably, has been swift and all-encompassing.

Comedian Patton Oswalt even predicted her resignation.

Other users hypothesized on what other career-enders for AOC might be out there.

Warning: These revelations are super graphic and could be utterly devastating to the freshman rep.

Another user dug up some sordid secrets from her bartending days.

Another user pondered the impact upon our great country.

Still another admitted they had nothing left to look forward to …

… while another one expressed concern for impressionable young minds.

This video makes it clear that Ocasio-Cortez has no future in the judiciary, of course.

She’ll also never be vice president.

At least one user expressed relief that Ocasio-Cortez has put her past behind her.

“Busy Tonight” executive producer Caissie St. Onge, however, skipped the snark and got right to the realistic point, killing all of Q’s dreams of AOC destruction.

Finally, former FBI agent Asha Rangappa used her super sleuthing skills to unmask the person behind the Q curtain for who they really are.

While all of this career-ending discussion was happening, Rep. Ocasio Cortez was busy doing her new job.

She also took time out to vote for Nancy “NDP” Pelosi as speaker of the House. True to form, the folks who are obsessed with her had opinions.

But honestly, the Right isn’t alone in its obsession with the youngest person ever elected to the House.

Do your thing, AOC.

There is now at least one remix worthy of your time.

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