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@AdyBarkan / Twitter

Powerful video from Ady Barkan. Brave man and part of the resistance against this massive transfer of wealth by Donald Trump, Bob Corker and the rest of the Republican Party.

Make sure people see this. If you’re on Twitter, make #CorkerKickBack trend. They are playing defense. We are winning the messaging game. Even if this monstrosity passes, we have to define it as the biggest scam ever run on the American people.

There’s still time to crank up the pressure against this tax cut monstrosity.

#CorkerKickback exemplifies what Americans find disgusting about politicians.

By retiring @SenBobCorker freed himself from need to cater to Trump.

He promised he wouldn’t vote for a deficit increase.

Then traded his leverage for cold hard $$$.

Corruption is shameful.

Ady also had messages for John McCain, Senator Collins and Apple’s Tim Cook.

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