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Former CBS News anchor and reporter Bob Schieffer said that in 48 years in Washington he’s never seen anything like the chaos and rivalry in the Trump White House and that the author of Fire And Fury, “captured the chaos that’s in the White House right now, there’s just no question about it. The White House itself is as disorganized as the bureaucracy is and perhaps that’s where it all starts…there are as many factions there as there are on Capital Hill. And they’re all leaking about each other, they all have their own agendas.” Schieffer cited the Trump children as being key to the chaos. Washington Examiner:

“They removed one faction when they got (Steve) Bannon out of there but you’ve still got four or five. You’ve got the boys over here, and they represent their own agenda, and they don’t particularly like their brother-in-law who is married to their sister over here. And that’s another faction over there. When you had (former chief of staff) Reince Priebus and (former spokesman) Sean Spicer that was yet another faction,” said Schieffer.

“So all of this is going and, I mean, I can truly say, I’ve been in Washington for 48 years now, I have never ever seen a White House that operates the way that this one does,” he said.

“Sometimes they get some things done and sometimes they don’t. But a lot of time it’s not just arguments over the policy it’s simply unfamiliarity with the process of how the government works. And I think they are all still feeling their way,” he added.

And then of course, Trump gets all kinds of policy advice from “the shows,” I.e. Hannity and Fox and Friends. That doesn’t exactly quash chaos — quite the opposite. 

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