It would appear we got through the day.

On the day that Nancy Pelosi called for a formal impeachment inquiry into what amounts to a charge of treason, we had Senator Kennedy (R-Louisiana) argue to Chuck Todd that the real story is the [debunked] Biden charge, the one that even Chuck Todd couldn’t stomach, leading Todd to wail to Sen. Kennedy that Biden had been investigated, but Trump has not. Kennedy acknowledged, barely, that Trump needed to be investigated, but Biden committed the real crime here. Trump was just a cop who beat up the criminal on the way to the station. Not good, but hey, that’s what criminals get.

That was just today.

Something seismic happened, something we thought near impossible. The Democrats showed some spine, while at the same time, Republicans caved. In voting unanimously in the Senate, Republicans joined the call to release the full report. Of course, Republicans did the right thing, but the “right thing” never mattered before. The “right thing” was always what Trump wanted.

Until today.

I believe it is safe to assume – for now – that the cool kids in Washington have a pretty good idea as to what is in the complaint, and it is far worse than the Democrats initially believed, and much worse than what Republicans had been told. The evidence is all around us.

Just today, we had an opportunity to read between the lines, some reporting came forth on Trump’s actions with regard to Ukraine, and it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to see things coming together. From the Washington Post:

President Trump told his acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, to hold back almost $400 million in military aid for Ukraine at least a week before a phone call in which Trump is said to have pressured the Ukrainian president to investigate the son of former vice president Joe Biden, according to three senior administration officials. Officials at the Office of Management and Budget relayed Trump’s order to the State Department and the Pentagon during an interagency meeting in mid-July, according to officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations. They explained that the president had “concerns” and wanted to analyze whether the money needed to be spent. Administration officials were instructed to tell lawmakers that the delays were part of an “interagency process” but to give them no additional information — a pattern that continued for nearly two months, until the White House released the funds on the night of Sept. 11.

Trump was the first, and only, person responsible for holding up the funds. Trump never actually told anyone the precise reason for holding up the funds. Trump did expressly lie to Congress about why he held up the funds. Trump released the funds only after the complaint had been filed and its existence became known. There are three witnesses in the White House who witnessed this.

Trump had no authority, one way or another, to hold up the funds. Congress spends money, not the president. He did it anyway, and lied about it.

Besides Bolton, several other administration officials said they did not know why the aid was being canceled or why a meeting was not being scheduled. The decision was communicated to State and Defense officials on July 18, officials familiar with the meeting said. By mid-August, lawmakers were acutely aware that the OMB had assumed all decisionmaking authority from the Defense and State departments and was delaying the distribution of the aid through a series of short-term notices. Several congressional officials questioned whether the OMB had the legal authority to direct federal agencies not to spend money that Congress had already authorized, aides said.

Again, Trump lied, or hid his actions from Congress, but also from officials in his own administration. People that have legitimate concerns about anything do not hide, they share their concerns openly. They also get legal opinions regarding the legality.

American government officials were left in the dark as well. When staff members at the State Department and Defense Department who work on issues related to Ukraine learned of the holds in July, they were puzzled and alarmed, according to current and former government officials familiar with the situation.

Many people, not just the whistleblower, knew all along that the entire issue stank like rodent roadkill.

Republicans in Congress know this cannot be defended. After all, Trump knew it couldn’t be defended, he hid his reasoning. Officially, at least.

We sorta knew these facts before, we had timelines set out that looked highly suspicious. But we didn’t know that the concerns spread so widely, nor did we know the lengths to which Trump would go to hide it.

Fundamentally, the biggest single change to the landscape is such that, for the first time that I recall,  Trump hid his real actions, in order to cover what he knew to be illegal, and got caught. Not only did Trump “hide,” not only did he get caught, but Trump hid using the entire apparatus of the U.S. government to help his political needs.

This fundamental shift in the earth below our feet will lead to more legitimate calls to release “other” things that Trump has hidden behind executive privilege. If Trump set about to collude in the next election, and hide his collusion, while lying to congress, one cannot help but consider what “else” Trump has hidden prior to this, all that “executive privilege” stuff. Congress might legitimately wonder what “else” might Trump have hidden, even from Republicans.

Because all of this is just so god-awful, putting the United States up for sale, quite literally, to benefit oneself, it is sure to lead to some of the most ugly maneuvering of our time. Mitch McConnell may be calling for the complaint to come out, but only because it was coming out already. And, if we know anything about Mitch McConnell, we know that he is going to throw far more shit than he’s going to allow to come his way. That is who McConnell “is,” he knows no other way than disgusting hardball partisan politics.

We saw hints of it today.

Two parties are polarized to a shocking degree, dripping with palpable hatred, and they are going to tear into each other in the most “un-American” manner conceivable. Republicans may allow Trump to go down, but they’ll be damned if he goes down without imposing massive damage, real and make believe, unto to the Democrats.

Yes, it will be wholly satisfying to hold Trump accountable, for once in his life. It will be entirely new to him.

But, just as with everything else, Trump will make the entire process as revolting as he possibly can. There will be no “for the benefit of the nation,” to any of this. No, that same nation he tried to “use,” will be the one he tries to destroy along with him. If Trump can’t have “it,” this country, neither can we. It is just how he thinks.

Do not doubt, as right as it is to pursue this, we should absolutely dread it. It is going to hurt. That is just what Trump does. He uses everyone, declares his righteousness, then generally destroys the whole “deal.” It is Trump to the end.


Another opening shot, expect many many more:

MAGA-heads on Twitter, and BOTS have trending: #Trump2020LandslideVictory

Expect the BOTS to go nuclear.

It is the opening day.


Peace, y’all.

Jason, and on Twitter, @MiciakZoom

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  1. Remember it all goes to its death fully functional, looks like the prophecy may just be unfolding now. We will know if false religion is destroyed in all this, some earthshaking event will transpire that will cause the political to hand their power to the UN to actually carry out the destruction of false religions. They will do this in an attempt to protect their own sovereignties.

  2. Let’em have it, #MoscowMitch has not let any bill go up to be passed, so what’s new? No threat here Mr. Tresident – Treasonous Resident about to be Impeached from our White House. LOL

  3. Well the gop might have been listening when AOC said go for it so that Senate Republicans will have on record any up or down votes on this. Forever!


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