Ventilators for Russia but US black civilians cannot breathe

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Apparently the killer of George Floyd previously shot and killed a civilian while on duty.

“Russian ventilators sent to the U.S. were produced by a plant owned by a company among those sanctioned by the U.S. government following Moscow’s annexation of Crimea in 2014.”

Moscow — The United States delivered its first batch of coronavirus humanitarian aid, including dozens of ventilators, to Russia this week. The delivery came just weeks after Russia sent a similar shipment to the U.S., and as both countries continue to battle the spread of COVID-19.

The U.S. Embassy in Moscow said on Thursday that 50 ventilators had arrived in the Russian capital as part of the $5.6 million humanitarian package. A total of 200 U.S.-manufactured ventilators were to be delivered, including a second batch expected to arrive next week.

The donation came after Russia sent a cargo of medical supplies to New York in early April, and after a phone conversation between Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. The United States has more confirmed COVID-19 cases than any other nation, at almost 1.6 million. Russia has the second largest outbreak with over 326,000.…


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Genocide by any means necessary
Sad but so true

chris whitley
chris whitley

Yes the prince of cesspools doing business as usual. Letting our people die while the Russians have it easy.