Utah Isn’t Touching Mitt Romney, Scraps Bills To Censure Him

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Life has a Valentine’s Day message for Donald Trump and that is “go screw” when it comes to his personal vendettas. Just this week the Army declared it was not going to do any “investigation” into punishment of Alexander Vindman, Andrew McCabe skated, and now, Trump will be furious to learn, his arch nemesis Mitt Romney is home free as well. The Utah legislature has announced that it will not consider any bills to recall or censure Romney for voting to convict Trump during the senate impeachment trial. Washington Examiner:

Utah House Speaker Brad Wilson met with his Republican caucus on Tuesday to determine a plan of action for bills to censure or possibly recall Romney, after which he announced they would not seek to punish Romney, according to Deseret News.

“Many people disagree with the conclusion Sen. Romney came to, and I think what we can kind of conclude from this conversation is we’re going to agree to disagree,” Wilson said. “We understand the thoughtful process Sen. Romney went through. Many people disagree with it, and we think it’s probably time to move on.”

But Utah is going to pacify the Child in Chief, don’t want him nuking Monument Valley or anything — and certainly not the Mittens Butte. (That’s in Arizona, anyway.)

Instead, Utah state legislators will move to pass a resolution supporting the president and thanking Trump “for all the great things he’s done for the state of Utah.”

So Romney’s “half a vote” as Trump characterized it, continues to stand, and so does Romney, more popular than ever.

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Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

Kudo’s Utah. Time to tell Donald to get fcked.