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Not much news yet. But Stone was just arrested in Florida, mostly on charges of lying and witness tampering.

Reporters and analysts are still reading the indictments but it looks like most of the charges stem from things that happened AFTER the Mueller investigation. Elyse Jordon and MSNBC are reading it now as a link from Wikileaks through the campaign onwards. It is the cover-up baby.

Mueller noted in the indictment that the Trump gang contacted Stone about leaks from Wikileaks (which is now officially organization 1).

Indictments indicates coordination in August 2016 between Stone and the campaign for anti-Clinton document dumps.

1 count of obstruction, 1 of witness tampering, 5 counts of lying

Mueller has charged for false statements to his investigation and in his other testimonies. It looks like the campaign was actively soliciting Stone for dirt on Hillary.

Denise provides the link to the indictment in comments:…

John Brennan thinks a significant number of indictments are coming per MSNBC.

Brennan thinks Mueller will show that there was a concentrated and coordinated effort to influence the election and the big indictments are the on the way.

And do not forget Brennan knows what intel was showing in 2016.

Danny Cevallos on MSNBC muses that this indictment is laying a foundation for bigger fish because the charges are really not as serious as one would expect.

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