[Update] Democrats have proposed funding national teacher raises by taxing the rich

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In May, soon-to-be (possibly) officially speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer came with other leading Democrats to propose what I am guessing is a very popular idea: reversing the unpopular and corrupt Republican tax cuts for the wealthy that have stolen revenues from the American people and directing the resulting funds to teachers.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced the new plan, which would give $50 billion to states and school districts over 10 years to pay for teacher raises and recruitment efforts. It would also create a new $50 billion fund for school infrastructure and resources, like new desks and books.

The American people voted on Tuesday and resoundingly said yes to Democrats and no to the Republican oligarchy. At the same time, Secretary of Education, and arguably one of the worst-educated people in America, Betsy DeVos told Congress that, while she thought teachers should be treated as professionals and that they should be “better compensated,” she also stood by slashing the federal education budget. This is because Betsy DeVos either doesn’t understand basic arithmetic or, she’s a goddamn liar. I am willing to say it’s probably both in this case.

This is a great way to tie the teachers’ movement, supported by all voters, with an attack on repealing the Republican tax cuts for the wealthy, also something that the majority of Americans would support.

Pelosi and Schumer announced this plan in May. Hopefully, along with the investigations into Betsy DeVos’s dubious predatory student loan deregulating, the Democrats will go forward with this initiative.

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