I wasn’t going to take a dive into what Fox and other right wing lunatics think about Chauvin being found guilty of murdering George Floyd, but a guy I know who is a political extremist was sounding off earlier about Chauvin on a social media platform.  He has gone silent, and I’m reasonably sure it is because he is in a state of shock.  Therefore, I was wondering what the other white power loving assholes at Fox were saying.  And it does appear that some of the usual suspects at Fox are double checking to see if gravity still works.

There is Jeanine Pirro’s reaction for one:

Even Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro is backing the jury’s verdict in former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s murder trial, agreeing the facts “clearly” supported his conviction.

The Fox host and former judge voiced her approval on Tuesday after Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd.

“Clearly, the verdict is supported by the facts,” Pirro said. “The facts are solid on this verdict. This verdict will be upheld on appeal.”

Really?  Hey Jeanine.  Have you talked to Tucker Carlson about this?  He was just talking about how the Media was “lynching” poor old Chauvin.  And Tucker questioned if Chauvin was really responsible for Floyd’s death.

This was the general line of Fox’s on-air voices in the wake of a story that might be seen as cutting against certain of the network’s preconceptions. Tucker Carlson, for instance, had described an ominous “media blackout” obscuring what he represented as mitigating factors in Floyd’s death. “The question of whether George Floyd was murdered is, in fact, ‘disputed’ by a majority of Americans” Carlson concluded ominously. “The bad news is you’re still not allowed to say that out loud.” 

Cancel culture breathing down privileged white man’s neck.

And someone must have spiked Greg Gutfeld’s coffee because he was claiming the following:

That tone of eagerness to second-guess lay a bit beneath the surface in Fox’s immediate coverage of the verdict — perhaps because it happened during the day, when Fox still aims for something slightly more even-handed. Even still, the absence of onetime face of the network’s news side Shepard Smith was felt as subtext slipped into text. Gutfeld overstepped even by Fox’s own standard — getting shouted down by Jeanine Pirro — by saying that ”I am glad he was found guilty on all charges, even if he’s not guilty on all charges,” darkly raising the specter of imagined riots that might have happened had the verdict gone a different way, and suggesting that the jury had made their decision for reasons external to the evidence.

Emphasis is mine.

Yeah, all those scary black people outside the court pressured the jury into finding Chauvin guilty.  But Gutfeld is still “glad” that the jury found him guilty.  Nothing like arguing that our justice system now bows to black protesters.  I’m sure that will please your viewers Gutfeld.

And as for the extremist I know, so far he is quiet.  As I said, earlier in the day he was speculating that Chauvin would be found not guilty.  He also argued that Black Lives Matter and other “race hustlers” made it impossible for Chauvin to receive a fair trial.  And he was afraid for Chauvin’s life from BLM.  He also felt that Chauvin should have been out on bond too.

But what struck me is that he really believed that Chauvin would be found not guilty on the merits. I should not have been surprised by his prediction on the verdict.  He has a lousy track record on predictions. 

He informed me before the election that Biden was going to lose because 1) there were divisions in the Democratic Party and 2) people in the suburbs were really scared about all that rioting during the Summer of 2020.  Yeah, now that his political prognostication has proven to be shit, he claims that the election was stolen from Trump.  But none of that has stopped him from commenting on political developments, so I am thinking he has been thrown off kilter by the guilty verdict.

My suspicion for all the usual right wing lunatics and white supremacists is that they will not want to discuss George Floyd’s MURDER.  They will continue to argue that this was a travesty of justice for blue lives, at least in the near future.  Rewriting history is what they are extremely good at.  Look at January 6th.

Still, they appear to be making sure the ground is under their feet for the moment.

Wednesday, Apr 21, 2021 · 2:14:24 AM +00:00 · Merlin196357

Tucker Carlson is taking the Gutfeld line, only he ain’t happy about it.  To wit:  the jury was afraid of a riot, so that is the reason why they convicted Derek Chauvin.  But it gets worse, as it always does with Swanson Boy.

“Last night, 2,000 miles from Minneapolis, police in Los Angeles preemptively blocked roads. Why? They knew what would happen if Derek Chauvin got off. In the end he didn’t get off. If given the maximum sentence under the law, he will spend the rest of his life in prison. Is that a fair punishment? Is the officer guilty of the specific crimes for which he was just convicted?” Tucker said, just asking questions.

“We can debate all that, and over this hour we will. But here’s what we can’t debate. No mob has the right to destroy our cities. Not under any circumstances. Not for any reason. No politician or media figure has the right to intimidate a jury. And no political party has the right to impose a different standard of justice on its own supporters.”

That last bit became even more ironic as this little monologue reached its conclusion.

And it was a doozy:

Those things are unacceptable in America, all of them are happening now. If they continue to happen, decent, productive people will leave. The country as you knew it will be over. So we must stop this current insanity. It’s an attack on civilization. At stake is far more than the future of Derek Chauvin, or the memory of George Floyd. At stake is America,” Tucker complained.

“So before we consider the details of today’s verdict, a bigger question, One we should all think about. Can we trust the way this decision was made? That’s the promise of our justice system, that it’s impartial, that it’s as fair as human beings can make it. That the cop who killed Ashli Babbitt will be held to the very same scrutiny as the cop who was just convicted of killing George Floyd. That political or ethnic considerations will play absolutely no role in jury deliberations. That justice will be blind. Can we say all of that in this case?

So killing a man by slowly cutting off his oxygen with a knee on his neck over a $20 counterfeit bill is the same as shooting a woman who is part of an insurrection to kill congressmen? Really?  What Carlson is also arguing is that scary black people are taking over the justice system.  This is the new line he will be taking.

Wow:  I had not seen this from Carlson’s Show Last Night.  Watch it to see his meltdown.


Near the end of his show about the conviction of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd, Carlson laughed maniacally, then abruptly ended an interview with a guest who dared to criticize police use of excessive force.

Carlson, who spent months spreading lies about Floyd’s death and railing against the Black Lives Matter movement it reignited, invited former New York corrections official Ed Gavin on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to speak after the verdict.

“I want the police to protect people,” Gavin said. “But specifically what we’re dealing with here, is a person in custody, he was handcuffed and subdued. At that point, we have to take a different tact.”

Gavin pointed to a 1995 Department of Justice paper that discussed the “physiology of a struggle” in policing and how being restrained in certain positions can hinder breathing and lead to sudden death.

“I think every law enforcement officer should read that,” Gavin said. “Like I said, Mr. Floyd was brought under control. What should have happened at that point is an EMS should have been summoned and he should have been placed in an ambulance. And a supervisor should have been called to the scene.”

“I just think that it was excessive and it shouldn’t happen,” he added.

At that point, Carlson interrupted and spoke over Gavin, saying, ”Yeah. Well. The guy who did it looks like he’s going to spend the rest of his life in prison. So I’m kind of more worried about the rest of the country, which thanks to police inaction, in case you haven’t noticed, is like, boarded up.”

After cackling, Carlson then abruptly ended the interview:

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